Monday, December 31, 2007

Cinnamon Streusel Muffin

Cinnamon Streusel Muffin on "ourmeza" fresh, hot and moist straight from our oven.

My son is in his holiday break from school. So we have been trying to keep him busy. My husband and I allow him to watch television or play his video games for few minutes a day only. We prefer him riding his bike, playing his car or playing soccer with his dad outside. And some other times he loves helping me out with the house chores even without being asked.

I didnt plan to do anymore baking since we've done a bunch day before christmas but when my son went to our pantry to get his snacks, he saw that we still have some of the muffin mix and requested for us to make it. And as his doting mother we did. Well like I said from few of my previous post, he likes helping me because he likes tasting the batter and the icing for the muffin or cookies.

This muffin is so easy to make because it would be semi-homemade, We've had it before and my husband and son both like it. It is one way of putting your oven in a good use lol. And baking this muffin will fill your home with warmth and the smell of cinnamon. So who would not agree to making it.

What is needed?

Box of Betty Crocker, Cinnamon Streusel (cinnabon)


vegetable oil

(12 muffin baking tray, paper baking cups)

Procedure: Simply follow intructions from the box and in just 20 minutes or so you would have a a dozen of hot, moist and fresh cinnamon streusel muffin. And not to forget it will fill your house with the smell of cinnamon.

Easy to do or easy to make. Making it with your kids is a great for passing time during school break. And you are not just passing time but building memories that could last after a lifetime.
Happy Baking! And thank God to the cake, cake mix in a box....

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Homemade Christmas Cookies

Decorated homemade Christmas Cookies on "ourmeza" or table.

My son loves helping me out with any kind of house chores even without asking him. He would volunteer to help with much "gusto" especially with the baking . But I think he loves helping out in baking because he loves the mixing part, tasting of the batter and the art of decorating the cupcakes or cookies. Nevertheless I love spending these quality and memorable times with him.

As I have mention in my previous post we have been house bound because we were all sick.
But before we all got sick, my son and I have already planned ahead of time to make some christmas cookies for his classmates and teachers to give away for Christmas. We have bought all the ingredients for the sugar and ginger bread cookies, decorations and gift boxes but sadly it didnt happened because we were unable to make it in time for his Christmas Party because he was sick.
Then few days before Christmas, thank God we all are back on our feet. And so now that he's better he was constantly reminding me to make it still so we could give it away this time to our families and friends instead. Told him to rest few more days because we dont want him to have another relapse and that we will do it before Christmas.
And so finally we were able to make some a day before Christmas. It took me almost all day to bake and to decorate this Christmas cookies, oh forgot I was making some Cassava cake as well so it took almost all day. I'll post the cassava cake recipe next time. My son helped as well but not as much as he wanted because he's still in recuperating stage.

Now Back to our Christmas Cookies Giveaway, my son and I made sugar cookies decorated with Christmas colors ofcourse, the green and the red colors. Oh and the shapes of our cookies; candy cane, snowman, bells, stars, leaf/leaves, trees, stockings and so on. Decorating these bite size or small cookies were more tedious than decorating the regular size cookies. But I could tell my son had a great time in doing it with me so that is more important.
Anyway here are the pictures of our Homemade Christmas Cookies. Our first batch of cookies were burnt. I forgot to turn on the timer plus it is bite size or small size cookies so it cooked faster than usual.

First picture, first Batch was burnt, center picture, our decorated cookies and on the right picture, my son carefully put our Christmas Cookies into the Christmas Goodie box.

Our Boxed Homemade Christmas Cookies
made by my Son and I
I then later on wrapped it in xmass green clear wrapper with a red bow and holy berries together with some cassava cake as well. Sadly, I forgot to take picturessssss....for the total finished product. Oh well theres still next
Happy Holidays to All!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Chicken Adobo with a Twist

Chicken Adobo with a Twist was prepared on "ourmeza" for our lunch today with some steamed rice and side salad with asian sesame dressing.

Once again, I was chit chatting with my cousin when she mentioned that she would try the Picadillo and the Pad Thai from my previous post. Told her it is so easy to make and she could also make some changes with the ingredients according to the taste of her family.

Then we've talked about my "Pininyahang manok" post being that it is one of the number one clicked on, on my "ourmeza" foodblog. I've mention to her too that I'll be posting the Chicken Adobo with a Twist. When I told her what it is, she said it would be great because it is easier to make than "Pininyahang manok" but it taste as delicious and the sauce is just simply tasty. She had mentioned too that her kids love it. So I told her about my recipe for it and she told me her recipe for it and at the end I've incorporated both and the Seriously it is good and that my husband took it to work for his lunch and still asked for it when he came home. Thats how good it is and not to forget our most picky "unico hijo" enjoyed it very much as well.

Too much introduction already, what is the twist??? Well lots of people know this already but to some who dont, the twist is the pineapple....that simple but it makes a lot of difference. Some people actually call it Pininyahang Manok but the version of Pininyahang manok I grew up with is the one that I've posted, the one with the milk. So some knows this recipe as Pininyahang Manok, Chicken Adobo with Pineapple, now lets call it Chicken Adobo with a Twist....

Below would be the recipe or the ingredients and procedure hahaha as if it is so hard. Anyway we all know that adobo is such an easy dish to prepare so this would be too.


Chicken cut into desired size


onion (others dont put this, I do)

tomatoes (others dont put this, I do)

pineapple chunks

soy sauce

ground black pepper

bay leaves (two)

vinegar (others dont put this anymore, they only use the juice from the pineapple chunks,my cousin dont use vinegar in her recipe but I do)


Brown chicken, all sides and set aside.

Saute garlic,onion,tomatoes. Put back the browned chicken. Add the pineapple juice,vinegar,soy sauce,bay leaves,ground black pepper and half of the pineapple chunks. Dont stir until it simmer. Let it cook. When almost done add the rest of the pineapple chunks.

It is so easy to do. Just like making adobo. If you want mixed all ingredients except the pineapple chunks. Let it cook but before it is done add the pineapple chunks, simmer some more and serve it hot with steamed rice and some side salad.

Extra Extra Extra:

When my dad was here to accompany us, when my husband was out of the country. We, my dad,son and I went to the Farmers market. There, we've found different kinds of fruits,vegetables,flowers,pastries and different kind of ethnic cuisine. We bought some flowers,vegetables and fruits. But my dad found some fresh peanuts. He said it would be perfect for "nilang mani". Just thought this is the best time to post it. It would be a great snacks with family while reminiscing or watching a movie...

Nilagang Mani!

So easy to make, wash peanuts. Then put it in a pot covered with water and salt it ofcourse.
Let it boil for 30min or so depending how much you are making.
Try one to see if it is cooked and add more salt if needed.
Easy snacks for everyone to enjoy.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Fillet of Tilapia,Pancetta Fried Rice and Bread Pudding

When I went to our local grocery store to buy some or few items for our "noche buena", I happened to see the seafood section being stocked. And the prices for the fillet of salmon and fillet of tilapia are fairly reasonable so I bought some salmon and some tilapia. Prices were down perhaps because everyone are buying turkey,ham and beef. But I am thinking far ahead not just for the "noche buena" or christmas day food but our food before the "media noche" and New Year's Day.

And since its a given that there would be some of left over from noche buena, I would not want to feed my family the whole week with the left over. And so in between decided to bring back the fish factor in our diet. And since there are some bread that are about to go stale so why not make it as bread pudding and still enjoy it in few days ahead. And with the Pancetta that I wasnt able to use, I was going to make some quiche with it but from baking cookies and cassava cake, making quiche would be great for another day. I'll post the christmas cookies that my son and I made, and the cassava cake that I made are just simply time.

Anyway so I've decided to use pancetta in a fried rice instead. And so last nite for our dinner we had on "ourmeza" some Fillet of Tilpia dusted with tempura, Pancetta Fried Rice, surprise favorite of my husband "lumpiang gulay" (posted already) and Some Bread Pudding for dessert.

Fillet of Tilapia Dusted with Tempura

Fillet of Tilapia





olive oil

Procedure: Salt and Pepper both sides of the fillet of tilapia and just before frying it dust it with the tempura powder. Fry till golden brown and lemon wedges on the side to squeeze if desired before eating.

Pancetta Fried Rice

Crumbled Cooked Rice



Olive oil


Green Peas

green onions

eggs cooked scrambbled

Pancetta browned and crumbled

Salt and pepper to taste if needed (optional)


Saute garlice and onion. Add crumbled cooked rice,stir fry for few minutes then add the cooked scrambbled eggs, pancetta browned and crumbled. Lastly add your carrots,green peas and green onions. If needed add salt and pepper.

Bread Pudding

I have been making this bread pudding since I was in my teens. It is my family's favorite. You could add banana or nuts if you want.

Bread crumbbled

Cinnamon (optional) but I simply love cinnamon in my bread pudding





(banana,nuts and etc can be added if preferred)

condensed milk

Procedure: Mixed all ingredients and baked for 45 min or till brown or when you stick a toothpick in the center and when pulled out it is clean, then ur pudding is cooked.

Three simple recipe that would make your family feel special. The Bread Pudding can be served as dessert during simple get together as well.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Pancit Palabok

Pancit Palabok was prepared on "ourmeza" for our small get together few weeks back.

Pancit Bihon, Pancit Canton, Pancit Sotanghon,Pancit Malabon and Pancit Palabok or luglug are mostly consume or found during filipino parties or potluck and one of the said Pancit would definitely be on "ourmeza" these holidays. Among the different kinds of Pancit, Pancit palabok is the easiest for me to do or maybe because it is my favorite kind of Pancit and modesty aside, I could really make a decent Pancit Palabok. I have been making or cooking it for quite sometime now. But I've got to admit at first there were some misses but through out the years of making it, I believe, I've got it, thats what they say anyway. Who knows lol... I guess to taste is to believe..hahaha.

Anyway ever since as a little girl, I love eating Pancit Palabok. It was one of the constant "Pasalubong" for my brother and I when we were growing up by our parents. Back then the noodles would be like the Pancit Bihin top with shrimp sauce,tinapa flakes, shrimp,eggs and some calamansi. And not to forget some hot pandesal would be the ever loyal partner of that Pancit Palabok "pasalubong". We would all then eat it with much "gusto" while it was steaming hot. And throughout High School, my friends and I would have it as our merienda or lunch in one of the small canteen stall by our school. But the most unforgettable Pancit Palabok I've ever tasted was when my friend's mom made it. It is different and the yummiest palabok I've ever tasted. Why? Well, I've found out that she have used some crab fats or alige ng talangka for the sauce and it really made a difference. But now, as we have learned about cholesterol and all...crab fats would be a big no. So I have learned a different version of cooking Pancit Palabok. I have learned it from my Auntie who knows also lots of authentic Filipino cuisine. Well, actually her specialty I believe is Pancit Malabon. Oh her Pancit Malabon is absolutely delectable, she knows tons more of authentic filipino dish but her Pancit Malabon and Morcon are my favorites.

Anyway to make Pancit Palabok ingredients needed are:

Rice Noodle for pancit palabok or pancit luglug

Shrimp Sauce

Shrimp deveined

Diced Tofu

Crushed Chicharron

Crushed fried garlic

Minced onion and garlic.

Tinapa Flakes

Sliced Hard Boiled Eggs

Green Onion.


Soak noodles to luke warm water for about 20 to 30 min.

Saute garlic and onions. Add the diced tofu and browned it. When browned add shrimp until pink and do not overcooked it or it will be rubbery. Set aside half, sprinkle it with some tinapa,little bit of green onions.

In the remaining half (shrimp and tofu mixture) add your shrimp sauce and water enough to cook your noodles. Let it boil, then add your noodles when almost done add some of the tinapa,crushed garlic and chicharron. Mixed it well when done plate it and topped it with left over tinapa,crushed chicharron and garlic,green onions, the shrimp and tofu mixture and lastly garnish it with sliced hardboiled eggs and some sliced lemon or much better if you have some calamansi. Serve it hot with some hot pandesal or some dinner rolls are just fine.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Tinolang Manok

Tinolang Manok was prepared on "ourmeza" today for lunch.

We all have been sick for the last few days and still recuperating. And so I have been preparing meals despite of being sick myself, food with soup. So I have been cooking "sopas" which I have previously posted, sinigang sa miso salmon (been posted too), sinampalukang manok (posted) and yesterday since I was strong enough to do a quick run to the store to buy some of our food supplies and medicines, I stopped by our local filipino store. And there I've found some good looking unripe papayas and that gave me an idea to cook some Tinolang manok. I havent cooked it for probably more or less one year so I thought it would be perfect for us. Bought some "siling labuyo", ginger and pepper leaves and I am all set to cook my tinola.

When I cook Tinolang Manok, I would normally use small whole chicken and I would normally cut it into desired size and it will be good for us for lunch and dinner. But since we are all sick and wont be able to eat as much, I only cooked half of it and made the other half as adobo for the next day.

To cook, ingredients needed:

Chicken cut into desired size

unripe papaya (chayote can be used but my family prefer papaya so thats what I use. If theres no papaya no Chicken Tinola for )
pepper leaves





siling labuyo smashed(optional, but its a must for me and my family prefer their tinola with a kick)

ground black pepper ( to us since we have little one to feed) or peppercorns are just fine

Patis or salt to taste


Saute, ginger,garlic and onion. Add chicken brown all sides. Add some "siling labuyo" and patis or salt, ground black pepper or peppercorns and let it simmer. Then add enough water to cover your chicken, more can be added if preferred. When chicken is almost done add the unripe papayas and do not over cooked it.

Lastly add the pepperleaves. Serve hot with steamed rice.

This would definely warm you up especially this winter.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Turkey Sandwhich with Artichokes and Sun Dried Tomatoes

Turkey Sandwhich with Artichokes and Sun Dried Tomatoes on Sweet Oat Wheat Baguette was our take to work lunch. Pictures taken while I was about to bag it as it was nicely plate on "ourmeza".

I had a busy week last week that I was unable to post anything. After the day going to work sick, my son and I were house bound because we were just two sick puppies... It was just yesterday that we were able to go back to our normal schedule. He's back to school and went to my important meeting that took longer that expected that my husband and son got home before I did. Sadly, my son and I had a relapse (coughing and some sniffles again) so as a very protective and nurturing father we were ordered to stay home today by my husband ..and said if better we could go back to school for my son and I could go back to do a few hours special project for work so need to be in the office supposedly today to get it done but I cant so hoping I could tomorrow if not I'll finish up the website I am making for our work from home. But I know I havent posted anything for a week now so I've just got to do it while my son is occupied.

Picture above is the the Turkey Sandwhich that I made for take to work lunch. My turkey sandwhich doesnt just have the regular tomatoes and lettuce but some marinated artichoke hearts and sun dried tomatoes. Got the idea when I had this absolutely unforgettable turkey sandwhich from work. After just one bite I knew I've got to know whats in I did some prying, discretely and quickly ofcourse. So below would be what I think the closest I could come up with in regards to the sandwhich I had from work.


Golden oven roasted turkey (your left over turkey from any celebration but just quickly pan fried it can be used as well)

Ciabbata bread would be absolutely perfect for this. But I happened to have Sweet oat wheat baguette and the combination is a whole another experience...just perfect. (plain bread can be used also)

Green leaf lettuce

Atichoke hearts marinated

Sun dried tomatoes in olive oil and spices

Mayo dijon

Provolone cheese ( we happened to have it but any of your favorite cheese would just be fine)

Hmmmm try it and you'll definitely say yummmylicious.... Seriously and if you have some sweet baby crunchy pickles on the side oh together just absolutely one delicious, appetizing and not to mention healthy lunch or even dinner. So Enjoy...

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Bibingka is one of the filipino delicacies that my family enjoys and our all time favorite.

We had it recently and it was warm,moist,tasty and just perfect with some either hot cocoa, hazelnut flavored coffee or some green tea.

Eating it made us remember the different delicacies consumed after the "simbang gabi" by the church goers.

Well first "simbang gabi" is one of the famous filipino tradition during christmas season. It starts on December 16th and ends during the midnightmass, night before christmas. We call the midnightmass "Misa de Gallo". I remember as a child we, meaning my cousins,friends and I believed that completing the nine days "simbang gabi" mass means all of our whishes will come true. We then, would all try very hard to complete the 9 days mass. (Ofcourse, later on we've learned the deeper meaning of "simbang gabi")
We would all help each other in completing it and we would have an understanding that we need to take turns to wake up each other. And our meeting place would be either at our house or at a friend's house.
So heres how we did it, a friend/cousin or friends/cousins of mine will start knocking on our door if its her or their turn to wake up everyone or vice versa if it is our turn ,we'll go knocking on our friends/cousins door so we could all go together to mass. And most of the time we were at the church early but then again there were times that we were a bit late. Why?

Well, as we all know getting up during Christmass season was hard to do because of the cold weather. Cold weather only means it is the best time to curl up and stay in a warm bed. And back then, I would be covered with my soft cartoon printed blanket and would stay like that until the shy sun starts to rise again. But then my alarm clock would start blaring so loudly that I would need to drag myself to get up and to turn it off. And it only means its time to get ready for the "simbang gabi".

And before getting ready, I would always have an inkling to go back to my warm bed and why it have to look so enticing to do so....but but but but I know that in just few minutes some of my friends or cousins would be knocking on our door, so the temptation of giving in was not an option. So even half-awake I would try very hard to get ready.

Thank God, by then my mother would be up and some hot drink was ready for us to drink before we leave for mass. And on the dot, most of the time here comes my friends and cousins, loudly laughing or talking outside our
door. I would then join them and we would all go to mass. Walking side by side wearing our warm sweaters or jackets, we would be still shivering to the cold wind. But when laughters and stories were shared on our way to church, the cold wind was forgotten. And at the church even it was early dawn, it is filled with church goers.
Lots of people were praying which made the church a very warm place to be. When I said, a very warm place, its not just about feeling warm but the warmth and the humility that you would feel during that moment. And the songs of praises and songs of the season would fill the air that makes everything seems so magical and so spiritual. I, then would have this overwhelming feelings deep in my heart that I actually cannot explain. Or lets just say, it truly touched my heart. And maybe that is why "simbang gabi" is the most famous and most loved traditon of the filipinos.

And not just that, after the mass, outsite we would see different vendors selling different delicacies such us.."puto bumbong", bibingka, puto or kutsinta, hot chocolate, hot tea, hot sopas or hot pandesal. And most of the time we would have some bibingka with freshly grated coconut or some times we'll have sopas and hot pandesal.

Well those were the good 'ol days when we were back home (home meaning Philippines). And now that we are here in the west, our new adopted home we try our very best to continue on the traditions we grew up with. There may not be "simbang gabi" in every church here but we always make sure that we go to the midnightmass or "misa de gallo" to welcome in remembrance the birth of Jesus Christ.

Well,this is getting so long its just remembering or reminiscing the good old days make me wish that now as a young mother that my son ( or children, with God's Blessing) will experience same tradition. And that is why we make sure that "misa de gallo", the noche buena, media noche, constant family get together and celebrations are important traditions that he will never forget and he then can pass on to his children.

Few more things then, I remember that at one point one of my cousin had a place where she sells bibingka, where she cooked bibingka per order. So it was warm,moist and very tasty. It was topped with butter, itlog na maalat or cheese and freshly grated cheese.

And when we moved here in the west, my Dad ( he loves bibingka) brought back here after his vacation from the Philippines some of the cooking equipment needed for it together with the clay plate. The ingredients to make it and the banana leaves and the grated coconut can be bought in the asian grocery store. We used to make them every time my Dad would have some cravings for it. My aunties, 2-3 of them will then start making it and all of our family will happily enjoy it together. This was when I was still single.

And now married and all, just recently we had some "bibingka" And since all the equipment that were used before were all gone and thrown away,we've learned a different way to make it...oven and foil plate. The taste remind us of the good 'ol days but nothing could compare to if you'll make it and cook it the good 'ol ways I guess... lol.


coconut milk
itlong na pula
sweet rice flour
baking powder
Sliced of Cheese cheddar/ kesong puti (goat cheese)
fresh grated coconut
banana leaves to line your foil plate

Mixed all ingredients. Oven can be used. Baked for 30 minutes or till brown on top in 325 degree oven. When almost done, add the cheese or itlog na pula, put back. And when done spread some butter, sugar and top it with grated coconut.


Monday, November 26, 2007

Crab Salad

Crab Salad was one of the dish we've shared during "Thanksgiving" (aside from the turkey, pancit sotanghon, menudo, spaghetti, bibingka, cheese cake, kaldereta and short ribs bbq, etc) get together at my parent's home.

It could be made a day before the get together or celebration. What made me make this dish? Well aside from I used to buy them from our local deli when theres a family get together even before I got married, my husband recently had it in his work and enjoyed it very much. He requested it and so as a doting wife, his wish is my So decided to make it. I've made enough for everyone to enjoy lavishly and still have some leftover to enjoy for a few more days. Normally if you would buy some crab salad in the local deli it cost too much for not too you know what I mean, so making it would be just perfect. Affortable (meaning making it cost much much less), freshly made and the taste is just perfect.


Flake style crab meat

sour cream





lemon zest
lemon juice

red onion

salt and pepper to taste
Cut all ingredients into cubes, then mix in the sour cream, mayonaise. When mixed add the flake style crab meat. Season it with salt and pepper according to your taste. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

To all of you my readers,many thanks!

Lemon N Herbs Salmon

Lemon N Herbs Salmon was prepared on "ourmeza" or table for Dinner together with some asparagus and steamed rice.
Salmon (fish) is our family's favorite food especially our unico hijo. Well actually he loves all kind of fish but Salmon is his all time favorite from being cooked as Sinigang sa Miso Salmon to being broiled as Lemon N Herbs Salmon.
It is perfect for low calorie diet. It is healthy,low in calories and saturated fat but high in protein. And many more health benefits.

Steak salmon can be used also but Fillet of Salmon is much better.
EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)Butter as well can be used.
And your favorite herbs.
Mixed all ingredients then rubbed it gently into the salmon. Line your pan with aluminum foil then place your salmon and drissel it with a little bit more of EVOO...extra virgin olive oil.
Broil until done or for at least 20 mins or more.


Picadillo was prepared on "our meza" or table for lunch together with some rice, side salad and some ice cold drink.

I've learned this Picadillo recipe from my mom. This dish is cooked just like menudo but instead of cube meat, you'll use ground meat. And ingredients were/are cut smaller than the ingredients for menudo. And no soy sauce for this dish.

ground pork, beef
or even chicken or turkeylarge
russet potatoes, diced
onion, diced
garlic minced
red bell pepper, diced
green bell pepper, diced
EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) but canola oil is fine
ground black pepper
salt to taste
Directions:In heated skillet, add the EVOO. Add and brown the ground pork. When browned, add the garlic, onions, tomatoes, green and red bell pepper. When almost done, add the diced potatoes and cook it until potatoes are done. Remove from the heat and serve it with steamed rice, bread or it can be used for empanda, just add raisins to it.
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Thursday, November 15, 2007


Yakitori was prepared on "ourmeza" together with some fresh miki pancit, stir fried vegetables, steamed rice and some ice cold ice tea.

First time I had Yakitori was when some friends, co- workers of mine and I went to the japanese restaurant in Milpitas CA.

I was told then by one of my co-worker that Yakitori means grilled chicken. And it is skewered in BBQ sticks or speared wooden sticks. The marinade or the sauce glaze used in grilling were or are spiked with some sake sometimes. I really like it then and it seems so easy to make if grilling is the form or way of cooking. Since then been wanting to cook it but never really got into doing it.

And just recently I was going through some of my cooking books to find something new to cook, found quite a few that I could make in the days ahead but the Yakitori caught my eye. And since we have been grilling most of our food lately, Yakitori would be just perfect for us. Result? Yummylicious, lol.

Yakitori Ingredients:

Chicken boneless and skinless
cut into cubes or bite size.


Honey ( I've used Maple syrup since it
can be substituted for the honey)

Soya Sauce

some water so it is not too think

(Mirin optional to me but a must to some)

Sake Optional(didnt use since my son would be having some)

BBQ Sticks or Speared wooden sticks.


Mix all the ingredients, use water if it is too thick to thin it out (set aside some for glazing while grilling) and marinate the cube or the bite size chicken. Let it sit for a while. Then I skewered the chicken with the BBQ sticks or speared wooden sticks when I was ready to grill it. While grilling glaze the chicken with the sauce mixture.

Serve it sizzling hot and you wont go wrong. A taste of Japanese cuisine was prepared on "ourmeza" for one appetizing meal.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Ginisang Chayote with Sotanghon

Today's Menu for

Magka-ulam or Paired Filipino Dish/Dishes...

Ginisang gulay at Pritong Isda!
( Sauted Chayote and Crunchy Fish)

Magka - ulam...Ginisang Chayote with Sotanghon or Ginisang Sayote was prepared on "ourmeza" for dinner together with some fried crunchy fish and steamed rice.

Once again got the idea in cooking this dish from my mom. We were talking and I asked what they were having for dinner she said "ginisang chayote" and some fried fish. So I was like hmmm that sounds so good and it actually made me crave for it. I havent tried cooking this dish so I asked my mom for the recipe of ginisang chayote. I know that it is a given that you will saute garlic, onion and tomatoes butI wanted to know what else to put or is there anything else to make it really tasty. I know that I've had it before but never really got the chance of cooking it. And its been so long that I dont remember how it taste anymore. I think if I am not right "ginisang chayote" is one of the authentic filipino dish, dont you think or maybe not?
Well, anyway been trying and preparing authentic filipino cuisine lately, so thats what I have been cooking or preparing for my family. Dont get me wrong not everyday but most days of the week. So when my mom mention it, I know right then that I am going to make it.

So the very next day, after working, I went ahead and went to the asian store so I could buy all the ingredients and so that we could have ginisang chayote for our dinner.

Ingredients are the following:

Chayote about 4 pieces ( peeled,cored or white big seed in the middle taken out). Then slice the chayote diagonally.
Shrimp 1/2 to 1 lb. (shell taken out and deveined)

ground pork 1/4 pound.

garlic 4 minced

onion 1

tomatoes 2

sotanghon ( 1-2 small bundle) soaked

patis to taste or salt.


Boil ground pork till cooked. Then set aside. In same pan saute garlic,onion and tomatoes. Put back the cooked ground pork and brown it. Then add ur shrimp till it is half cooked then add ur Chayote. Add water enough to cover the chayote and add 1 ladle of patis. Let it simmer when almost done add the sotanghon. Simmer for a few minutes till the sotanghon is done. You could tell that the sotanghon noodles are done when they are shiny. Serve hot with some steamed rice and some crunchy fish.

Verdict for this dish? Just perfect...the sauted vegetables and crunchy fish are just perfect or the perfect combination. And the taste? Hmmm sarap talaga....try this recipe and you'll want to have it again sometime soon.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Adobong Pusit or Adobong Squid

Adobong Pusit was prepared on "ourmeza" or table for dinner together with some fried lemon and pepper stripebass, some steamed rice and for drinks we had some icecold lemonade.

I was talking to my cousin just the other day and when I asked her what they're having for lunch she said "adobong pusit". We havent had it for quite sometime now, so right away I knew I've got to cook it for dinner. So told her hmm " I think I'll make that for dinner too." Most of the time if not all the time if we were/are talking to each other (my cousin and I) we'll end up talking about what to cook vice versa she'll get an idea from me of what to cook and there were/are times I'll get some idea from her of what to cook too.

Anyway.. it is that time for me to go to the asian grocery store to buy some of our food supplies so the timing is just perfect because I really want to cook the "adobong pusit". In the store, luckily found some goodlooking medium size squid or "pusit".

To cook, ingredients are:

1 pound of squid or pusit

1/2 head of garlic

1 onion

ginger (optional)

2 Serano Chili

suka or vinegar ( 1 1/2 ladle)

Green Onions or scallions

Pepper,patis ( a ladle) or salt to taste


Clean your squid in the running water. Take out the innards. It is up to you if you want to save the head. But make sure you take out the teeth or the plastic like from the inside. Take out most of the skin ( taking out the skin is optional but I normally take it out)

If using large size squid. need to cut it in half at least. If using medium size or smal size squid leave it be.

Saute garlic and onion followed by the squid and patis. Let it simmer...add your vinegar and let it simmer and dont stir it until it boiled. When almost done add pepper and salt if needed ( you've added the patis already so salt is really not needed) and green onion for garnish.

Serve it hot with steamed rice...side salad or any steamed vegetables...together with some fried lemon and pepper my case I've fried some stripebass with lemon and pepper. And the icecold lemonade is just perfect for this dish.

Another easy, tasty meal prepared on "ourmeza" enjoyed by my family and I.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Wanna have some EyeBalls????
(Food from PotLuck at work)


Wanna see some Tricks?? (nahhh only a halloween decoration)

Wanna Get some Goodie Bags?


These are our give away goodie bags this year.

Our "unico hijo" helped me with much "gusto" in

putting the goodies in halloween bags.

(Chocolates,lollipops,fruit flavor tootsie rolls

candies,gummy bears and jelly beans)

Have a Spooky but safe and a Happy Halloween!!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Mechado or Mitsado

Mechado was prepared on " our meza" or table over the weekend.

We havent had any kind of red meat for the last give and take six months. It has been fish,vegetables and poultry. So since we have been good, I believe we deserve to indulge once in awhile so we could keep up with our new way of healthy eating so we dont crave for it.

It was a weekend so I made one hearty meal. I've made some mechado, I've blanched some vegetables consists of broccoli, carrots, snow peas and green beans, for drinks we had some ice cold lemonade and made some semi-homemade cinnamon streusel muffin made by yours truly ( will be posted next) .

Anyway mechado is pork or beef braise in tomato and onion/shallots sauce. There is only one way of cooking it but ingredients may vary according to your taste. Some dont use tomato or tomato sauce at all, or vinegar or pork fat, or soy sauce.

If you are goin' to cook it ala adobo you need to marinate your beef or pork in adobo mixture such as soysauce,vinegar,garlic,sugar and ground pepper.

After that the procedure would be the same...


Beef or pork
pork fat ( a must to some but optional to us, so in our case I skip it.)

2 onions or if shallots about 7 cups of it ( shallots are absolutely a must in my case lol )
4 -6 tomatoes to skip using tomato sauce.

Bay laurel leaf

3-4 rosset potatoes quartered and well browned.

Atswete or achuete power dissolve in water

Salt and sugar if did not marinate in adobo mixture.


Saute tomatoes and shallots or onions and set aside.

In the same pan, fry beef or pork until browned. ( whole beef round or pork butt cut into 2 lenght wise or cut into big chunks so it could be sliced later on when serving this is normally done to have nice presentation during special occasions) In my case I cut it into semi-big chunks, I could serve it as is since it is not too big and still have the option of slicing it when serving.

Need to brown the meat. When the meat is browned add the sauted tomatoes, shallots or onions and laurel bay leaf. Pour the aswete or achuete/ water mixture and some of the left over marinade mixture of the adobo. Cover and let it simmer. When almost done add the potatoes.

Cook until meat is done.

Slice the meat and top it with potatoes and sauce.
Serve hot with steam rice, blanched vegetables and ice cold drink.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

BBQ Chicken on a Stick and Herb Potatoes

Chicken BBQ was prepared on our "meza" or on our table for dinner just the other day.

I was in the grocery store when they were stocking up the skinless and boneless chicken. And automatically, I thought it would be good for grilling with some grilled herb potatoes, green salad and some ice cold cantaloupe juice. I already have the whole menu for dinner figured out in that moment.
So I went ahead and bought 3 packages.

The first package would definitely for bbq/grilling, other package for chicken afritada and the last one for bbq/grilling again perhaps since we love grilling or I'll use it for chicken salad, we'll see and it would be posted definitely.

So for Chicken BBQ cut chicken to desired size... marinate it in:

pineapple juice

red pepper flakes

ground black pepper




soy sauce.

Marinating over night is always better. And on the day you are grilling/doing your bbq, soak your bbq sticks in water ahead of time so it wont get burn, soak it for at least a good 1 hour or more. Indoor grilling is good if your kitchen is well ventilated and your exhaust fan is working properly or else you'll have smoke all over your house and will definitely trigger the smoke alarm. Grilling or doing ur bbq outside is always ideal but grilling indoor is not bad aswell. So which ever is convenient at the moment and will make it easy for you, do it. It was weeknight so I used our indoor grill and result not bad at all... we grilled or BBQ our BBQ Chicken on a stick indoor on top of our stove grill. We cooked each side till done. While grilling I put the herb potatoes on the sides to cook.

For Herb Potatoes, I used big rosset potatoes and sliced witht he jagged edger knife. Season it with salt,pepper, olive oil and some dried herbs that I have in our pantry.

So for that dinner once again we have simple and easy to prepare food on "our meza" with full of flavor and taste.

At the end of our dinner my husband and son thanked me for another wonderful but yet simple dinner. And it means a lot to me and it warms my heart that they loved it.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Lumpiang Gulay or Vegetable Eggroll

Lumpiang Gulay or vegetable eggroll is a lumpia wrapper or spring roll wrapper filled with different kind of vegetables such as green beans, carrots, cabbage, mongo sprouts,celery, sweet potatoes , onion and tofu.

This is one of my husband's favorite dish so I often make a lot of it and stored most of it in the freezer for future use. When cooked it is crunchy, tasty and yummylicious lol. It is normally dipped in spiced vinegar or suka with siling labuyo and bawang and sweet n sour sauce. It can be eaten as main dish or as an appetizer. Either way when prepared you wont be able to resist to eat it up. It is normally serve when theres a party, get together, celebration , potluck, for dinner or even during snack time. And so I have it stored most of the time because we just simly love eating it.

To make you need the following ingredients; onion, garlic, olive olive, green beans, cabbage, celery, carrots, sweet potatoes optional, tofu optional, cooked or sliced chicken optional as well, and ofcourse the spring roll, lumpia wrapper, salt and pepper for taste.
Procedure: Cut all vegetables sliced thinly, julienne or shredded. Saute garlic, onion, chicken. Then add all vegetables. Stir fry till half cooked and season with salt and pepper for taste ( soy sauce can be added for taste). Fill each lumpia or spring roll wrapper about 1 1/2 spoonfuls of the vegetable. When ready to cook..deep fried and serve with spiced vinegar or sukang may siling labuyo and bawang. Serve while hot and crunchy and you'll never go wrong. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Decorated Cookies

Our unico hijo loves helping me out whether it is house chores or cooking or baking. When he sees me busy tidying up the place he'll start dusting the table even though I didnt ask him. When he sees me loading clothes in the washing machine he'll come running to help me out. And ofcourse he'll want to pour the laundry soap, softener and push the button to start it. But what he loves the most in helping me out is making the steamed white cake or "puto" and baking cookies or cupcakes. He likes stirring,mixing and tasting the batter. Asked him not to eat the batter but when I turned my back I know that he did it anyway. I could tell that he did it by the left over batter on the corner of his mouth. It is cute and funny how he was trying to hide it and acting so innocent.
Anyway just the other day we made some cookies for him to take to his school. We made some oatmeal,sugar cookies in different shapes. We made cookies shaped like trees, hearts, flowers, stars and clovers. We then decorated it with vanilla and strawberry frosting and sprinkles chocolates and nonpareil, this is his most favorite part... decorating and frosting the cookies. Why? Well he'll taste the frostings and sprinkles first and I'll always ask him, "Why are you tasting it first, his response always were " I'm checking first if its good ". And after tasting it, he'll always say: " yes it would work" And this would happened all the time...hahaahha... another glory moments that passed by but as always, it stayed as treasures of my heart.

Here are the pictures of our cookie making....

So spending lots of time whether cleaning together, cooking and baking together, doing school project together, playing and so on... spending time with our kids specially at their young age will surely give us lots of fond memories to keep us smiling and laughing during our old days.
Memories such as this are true treasures of the lets keep building them.