Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Broiled Chicken Adobo with coconut milk

Broiled Chicken Adobo with Coconut milk

As I have mentioned before, everytime I would talk to my mom, friends or relatives I would ask them what is good to cook or what are you having for lunch or dinner? Why do I ask this? Because I want to get an idea of what I could cook next or maybe they will say something different than what I usually cook. And so last time I spoke with my cousin I asked her what are you having for lunch she said chicken with coconut milk or "manok na adobo sa gata". So I was like oh yeah, I havent cooked that for quite awhile and the last I made it, it was not a big hit with my family. And so I asked for her recipe and she gave it to me. It is almost similar to what I have cooked before so I went ahead a did a internet research for chicken with coconut milk or chicken adobo or "manok na may gata" and viola a recipe for "Chicken adobo" came up and it is in Martha Stewarts website. And while reading this "chicken adobo entry, I've found that there was a video of a filipino chef based in NY cooking adobo. So I was like wow really and I got all excited. It is a different way of cooking adobo because some broiling is involve. You will still need exact same ingredients for adobo plus coconut milk. He marinated the chicken with all the ingredients then boiled it till it is almost done. He then put it into the oven to broil until golden brown. And while in the oven, the sauce that was left behind from boiling the marinated chicken was left to simmer until it was thick. And so I did as he did it. And the result is the above picture, the golden brown chicken with crunchy skin and the sauce on the side for dipping. Is this a hit with my family when I prepared this on "our meza"? Yes and no. My husband ate it and said its different but good, my son ate mostly the skin eventhough we said dont but he prefer it because it is crunchy. So verdict 50/50. So try the broiled version of adobo or the good old ways.