Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Penne Pasta with Lemon Herb Chicken in Pesto Sauce

We have some left over, well actually almost the whole Lemon Herb Chicken that we bought in our local deli ? Why? Well the first time we bought it and tried it, it was juicy,tasty and just simply delicious and between the three of us we were able to finish it. But when I bought it last for some reason it was dry although it still have the lemon and herb taste that we love its not what we've expected. And so my husband and son both have just a few slices of it and decided to finish the left over "torta".

I dont like wasting food and so instead of just leaving it in the fridge for a few days then later on throwing it away, right after we had that very meal, I've decided to recook it. Went to our pantry, there are different kind of pasta,pasta sauce, dried herb and so on. Went to our fridge, we still have plenty of the shaved parmesan cheese and some italian parsley leaves from the last time I made some chicken carbonara and some left over of pesto that I've put in our french baquette bread. Instead of garlic bread, we had some pesto bread that day. So I was like hmm I think for dinner we'll have a taste of Italy, I'll make some Penne Pasta with Lemon Herb chicken in Pesto Sauce.

I've gathered all the ingredients; penne pasta, my italian seasoning, italian parsley, shaved parmesan cheese,butter, pesto sauce and I've flaked the Lemon Herb Chicken.

Cooked the Penne pasta "al dente". In a pan put the butter and pesto let it simmer. Then add the penne, italian seasoning,parsley, shaved parmesan and the lemon herb chicken. Mixed them all together and voila Penne pasta with Lemon herb chicken in Pesto sauce. And they are absolutely delicious. My husband love it and even ask for it again the next day.

So the chicken that was almost thrown away became the catalyst to a delicious meal prepared on our "meza" or table. So for that dinner we had some Penne Pasta with Lemon Herb Chicken in Pesto Sauce and we had some salad also with rasperry and walnut vinaigrette for me and asian orange sesame dressing for my husband. No food was wasted. And I am happy that made another penne pasta recipe thats easy to make.