Saturday, January 5, 2013

Suman or filipino rice cake 

It's been awhile since i've posted something here in my blog...but to start the new year..heres something special...Homemade "suman" or rice cake . But first would like to thank you auntie Mely, auntie Ligaya, uncle Oscar and mom for helping Tatay to make it. Lastly to my unico thank you for learning quickly and perfectly how to wrap a suman. He really enjoyed helping out.. He got to experience the old family tradition ..Making suman for the holidays..we used to do in the Philippines...and it's been years since we last made some and so we are blessed that my son got to do it with his lolos and thank you Tatay for insisting of making it and bec of that my son got to experience the spirit of making suman which is Family bonding from wrapping, tying the suman to laughing bec of stories, and jokes.. Making suman maybe hard or tedious but when you make it with family everything became easy and fun.. Again thanks for the experience..lets do it again but lets plan it early..

To make you need sweet rice,coconut milk, salt to taste. Mixed all ingredients and wrap in banana leaves or aluminum foil. Boil till done.  Enjoy making it with your family...