Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fish Lumpiang Shanghai

Fish Lumpiang Shanghai
My husband and unico were craving for something crunchy to munch on and something different. So as a doting wife and mother decided to make some lumpiang shanghai but instead of using pork, chicken or beef decided to use fish to be different and at the same time to make it healthier. I know its a bit pricey using fish and tedious to do but I know it would be delicious. And I could picture already the burst of beautiful colors of the fresh ingredients when I mixed it all together. Some insights, most of the time when I am planning what I will be cooking,  I could picture already how the ingredients will look like when I'm preparing it,  how appetizing it will look when done  and the taste, as if I could taste it already. I guess, you could say thats how passionate I am  with my cooking hmm thats  if I am in a good mood hahaahha.

Now back to fish lumpiang shanghai….Luckily when I went to our local asian grocery store, I  found some meaty white meat fish that are fresh and on sale. Bought  about 4 huge size fish unfortunately they can't clean it for me and  honestly I don't like cleaning fish but then again, I guess its my lucky day someone cleaned it for me. Bought also other fresh ingredients for my fish lumpiang shanghai  it would serve as our appetizer and some of it.. I'll be saving and freezing it for snacks for another day and for our main dish I'll be cooking "ginisang sayote" or sautéed  chayote.. I'll be posting the recipe  next time.


Meaty white meat fish flaked and deboned
carrots finely chopped
kinchay or celery or chinese celery finely chopped
onion finely chopped
lumpia wrapper or spring roll wrapper
salt and pepper to taste

* water enough to cover the fish,
sliced ginger and crushed chili to lessen the fishy taste


Clean fish and put in a pot, add water.. enough to cover the fish.. boil with a dash of salt, sliced ginger and crushed chili.  When cooked let it cool down then deboned it and flaked it.

Saute chopped onion. Then mixed all ingredients in bowl. Wrap in spring roll wrapper then fry till golden brown. Dip in vinegar with chili,salt and pepper or in sweet and sour sauce. Serve as appetizer, main dish or snacks.