Sunday, March 22, 2009



Its been awhile since I have posted something new here in my Ourmeza blog, so it is only right to start again with something special but still easy to do.

First time I had some Pochero was back home in the Philippines and ever since then this is only the third time I will be cooking it. First time for my unico hijo to taste it and in an instant it is one of his favorite. While cooking the pochero he was like " Mommy the smell of what your cooking is making me hungry, I am so hungry Mommy", and so ofcourse I knew it that he will definitely like it and he did! And while we are having our lunch he said, " Mommy I can't believe this is so good, more sauce please." And take note even the vegetables he asked for seconds. My husband just simply love it and said that " no doubt that it will be good because you made it." And my parents said it is delicious and even asked for more.

So I guess Pochero will now frequent ourmeza or our table more often.



Beef or Pork ( Boiled ahead of time)



Beef or Pork Stocks

Sweet Potatoes

Banana (saba)

Pechay/ Bokchoy

Repolyo/ Cabbage

Pork and Beans

Fish sauce and pepper to taste.


Saute garlic, onion. Add the boiled meet and brown it. Add the Meat Stocks and Pork and beans. Sweet potatoes, banana. Simmer then add the fish sauce and pepper to taste. Lastly add the Pechay or bokchoy and cabbage till half cooked. Serve hot with steamed rice.