Friday, October 5, 2007

Atchara or Pickled Papaya

Since I have order to make for homemade skinless longgonisa and tocino, I decided to make some atchara too, to offer to my "suki" or customers. My "suki" or customers are mainly my neighbors, friends, family and sometime from work. I would normally make some freebies for them to try and if they like it they would normally call to order.
My homemade longgonisa and tocino are their all time favorite. And on their last order, I've made some homemade atchara for them to try and now everytime they order the longgonisa or tocino, they would order the atchara too thats if I'll be able to find unripe green papaya. Lucky me most of the time I could get it and they've sliced or shredded it too so most of the work were done for me. All I needed are green and red bell pepper sliced, carrots, garlic, onion, vinegar and sugar. I just mixed them all together and voila homemade atchara. They like it and said that it is not too sweet or too sour, just fine. And some of them would keep the left over juice from the pickled papaya to still use as their dipping. What promted me to make the atchara was my husband. We once had a "pasalubong" from my mom, an atchara and I saw him enjoyed it very much. Evidently, my husband's craving for his favorite filipino food are my inspiration in making them.
Anyway all orders are made to order so they are fresh. They all know that they have to call me few days in advance especially if I have a busy schedule from my work or my so called sporadic schedule from work, meaning there are times I am too busy and then it would be too slow that I'll end up working paid few hours at home.
So there were times that I was unable to make their order, like when it was my first time in making my class outline and lesson plan for two of the computer class that Iam teaching. They understood and they all patiently waited. Told them its better that they have freshly made homemade food that they like than some frozen ones.
And as soon as I'm able to make it I call them and would order four to six bags of longgonisa or tocino per family. I dont really make much and sometimes just break even. But I really enjoy making, it really makes me happy because I see them really looking forward to having it and eating it again. And the "kwento,chicka,tsismis" while they are picking it up or giving it to them, nothing could compare to it lol. Well I guess it is the stories that make it more special. You think? LOL.... oh well que cera cera...
Kidding aside atchara is one filipino side dish that are good with any bbq or grilled chicken, pork, beef and fish. Not to mention with longgonisa and tocino also. So I guess that is one reason why it is now one of the favorites of my "suki" as well.