Saturday, September 22, 2007

Champorado at Dilis

Hot champorado or sweet rice chocolate porridge and dilis or salted dried anchovies were served on our table or "meza" today for breakfast.
It really feels like fall season is here today. Why? Because it is windy, cold, raining and from our balcony we could see the top of the mountain covered with fog.

We have been anticipating rain since Friday morning but it didnt get here till late at night. So this morning we woke up with the sound of the rain falling hard outside. We dont normally hear it but I left our window open just a tad last nite for some air. We all heard it and we all got excited that finally the rain is here. It is time to have rain out here in the west, especially the southern part. Its been dry and muggy. So when it came late last nite and waking up to it, we were happy that it came. We all end up looking at the window and we're still not satisfied, we all got up and we opened our door and stood by the balcony to see it. Our son were excited the most in seeing it and hearing it falling hard. And then my husband and I started telling him some stories about when it rain in the Philippines it really pour really hard, harder than what he is seeing now. That sometimes you could see roofs flying around because of the heavy and hard rain and whistling wind. And he said " Oh, I want to see that". We, my husband and I both laughed. And we told him it is not a pretty sight to see. It is a story to tell now but being there during that time is not really good.

Ok, so much about that. Raining reminded us also of what good to eat backhome during this time. My husband was like.."hmmm sarap ang champorado ngayon ah". Well as a very doting wife, ofcourse whatever my husband wished for shall be granted. He is my master and I am his beautiful Genie...hahahaha joke. Anyway, he was craving for it and so am I. We happened to have some sweet rice, cocoa powder and some evaporated milk so champorado it is. And we just bought some dilis or dried salted anchovies yesterday so it would be perfect with the champorado.
Ingredients: 1 cup of sweet rice, two swiss cocoa powder (sachet), sugar, 5-6 cups of water and my secret ingredients cinnamon.

Procedure: Boil sweet rice until it looks like the grain have puffed with the cocoa powder when almost done, sprinkle some cinnamon (optional). Serve with milk and sugar on the side. Add milk and sugar according to taste. Side of "tuyo" or dilis is absolute the best side dish for this champorado. ( Vinegar with lots of siling labuyo and garlic can be used as the dipping sauce of the dilis).
Dilis: Simply deep fried till cook and serve hot with vinegar and "siling labuyo at bawang".

Comfort food from back home, time and time again is the only remedy for any home sickness.
Champorado is good for breakfast or snacks.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


After our sight seeing last friday, I made some his and hers Margarita drink and for our unico hijo he had some strawberry ice cream.

Margarita mix and then 1 shot of tequila for moi and 2 shots of tequila for my husband. And for garnish I sliced some lime and put some salt on the rims of our glasses... oh di bah!

Well did not finish mine because my face were all red and hot with just few sips. My husband end up finishing it up.

Preparing simple things such us this well known easy to do "Margarita" drink will make any husband feel special.

Grilled Teriyaki Chicken with Stir-fried Squash

Grilled Teriyaki Chicken with Stir-fried Squash was prepared on our "meza" last nite for dinner.

I've marinated the chicken last Thursday nite so I could grill it for friday night dinner and I've cut the squash julienned for our side vegetable dish but my husband called Friday afternoon and said that he'll be bringing some sub sandwich and not to cook anymore because he wants to drive around before sunset to unwind after a stressful week at work. And so after a quick dinner, we drove up to the hill and there, we could see the city and the view are simply amazing. And up there you'll have this feeling of as if you are so faraway from the worries of world because you are overlooking it. No wonder others pay millions of dollars to live up there. But we also notice that there are huge houses or a mansion per se around the area but it seems so empty and no sign of anyone living out there. Oh well to each its own I guess.

Anyway, so last nite I finally grilled the marinated teriyaki chicken and I've stir-fried the squash. And I've cut some fresh tomatoes too for garnish. Steamed rice was prepared also and some water melon as our fruit dessert. Delicious, healthy, tasty, light and one satisfying meal prepared on our "meza".

Tip: If I have extra time and I know what I would cook the next day, I tend to start preparing for it like cutting the ingredients and etc. so that I wont be in the kitchen for a long time and I'll have plenty of time to spend some quality time with my husband and son after work and school.