May 2007

On Our Meza

I have been wanting to start my own blog about food. I have been a constant visitor to some. It fascinates me how passionate they are and how committed they are in their food blogging. And they are all very interesting,very entertaining and very informative. And so since I love to cook and I love trying different kind food from different country, decided to have my own food blog.

Here is the history of my love of computing and cooking. First my love of computing..I once made my own web site about my favorites and myself in the late 1990's. I was trying to be a programmer/graphics designer during that time. Succeeded? I got my degree but I ventured in a different path. Nevertheless the profession that I went into is something that I love and enjoy .

Then I've got to put my career on hold while I  started a family of my own and my family became my top priority. But my love for computing did not stop there because I continued on practicing them by playing graphics design with my "unico hijo" he is my apprentice. We make animation using flash(old way of making animation I guess) which he enjoy, picture editing using adobe photoshop which he love and picture presentation using powerpoint and my son's very own website. Speaking of my son ( 4years old going 5 this Dec. 2007), he is now curiously watching what I am doing so he could copy me and now playing typing on my laptop computer ( while I am using his father's PC) he absolutely look adorable.

Ok and then theres  my love for cooking.. back then I already enjoy cooking but I got more passionate about it when I got married … I started experimenting and trying new recipe/s … and the food I make were and are always enjoyed by my husband,my son,my parents ,brother, some of my relatives and our neighbors as well. Speaking of our neighbors, sometimes  I let them try my cooking and surprisingly they will want to order it or buy it. They often buy my homemade "Tocino ,Longgonisa and embutido".  They like it because aside from it is delicious they know that it is less fattening and freshly made. I use lean meat and I make it only when they order so it is freshly made.

Ok so my first website or web blog may have been lost in the world wide web, I think now is the perfect time to resurrect my web blogging. I am more matured and  I could multitask effectively..  between taking care of my family and recently resurrected career of mine. Yes, I am back to the workforce ,part time for now but hopefully fulltime soon , as my "unico hijo" is now enjoying his pre schooling and he is constantly saying " I need to go to school, I have work or project to do". He is very curious and very smart. He loves trying and learning new things. I guess he got it from hmm dad or mom..both of course.

To go back to a food blog?

So why a food blog when there are so many already, well I guess like many other food blogger, I am passionate about cooking. It is funny though because when I was a kid I am very picky with food and show little interest in cooking. But I outgrew that and even became the cook for my family.
Am I still a picky eater? Not so much, I guess, as a person age, the taste buds changes and became more willing to try new things or even crave for the things you don't like when growing up ( for my case its true). For some reason lately, I am more willing to try anything and now craving for authentic filipino dish that I didn't like before. Some of the dishes or food that I prefer not to eat when I was little, were ginisang ampalaya (sautéed bitter melon), talbos ng kamote  and  Fish (except for milk fish)... specially the "Sinigang na Ayungen". Oh I would not eat Ayungen and would just have the "sabaw" or soup. But the last time I went back home 1999 my mother requested for my aunt to cook " sinigang na ayungen na malalaki". I tried it, it is good but still can not add "Ayungen" yet to the things I like or enjoy to eat but I do love the ginisang ampalaya now  and I now eat quite a few kinds of fish.

So much with the introduction…well for my first food blog entry will be non other than a "fish dish" My son ask for it all the time and my husband loves it too..it would be the " Siningang Salmon Steak with Miso.

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