Thursday, November 15, 2007


Yakitori was prepared on "ourmeza" together with some fresh miki pancit, stir fried vegetables, steamed rice and some ice cold ice tea.

First time I had Yakitori was when some friends, co- workers of mine and I went to the japanese restaurant in Milpitas CA.

I was told then by one of my co-worker that Yakitori means grilled chicken. And it is skewered in BBQ sticks or speared wooden sticks. The marinade or the sauce glaze used in grilling were or are spiked with some sake sometimes. I really like it then and it seems so easy to make if grilling is the form or way of cooking. Since then been wanting to cook it but never really got into doing it.

And just recently I was going through some of my cooking books to find something new to cook, found quite a few that I could make in the days ahead but the Yakitori caught my eye. And since we have been grilling most of our food lately, Yakitori would be just perfect for us. Result? Yummylicious, lol.

Yakitori Ingredients:

Chicken boneless and skinless
cut into cubes or bite size.


Honey ( I've used Maple syrup since it
can be substituted for the honey)

Soya Sauce

some water so it is not too think

(Mirin optional to me but a must to some)

Sake Optional(didnt use since my son would be having some)

BBQ Sticks or Speared wooden sticks.


Mix all the ingredients, use water if it is too thick to thin it out (set aside some for glazing while grilling) and marinate the cube or the bite size chicken. Let it sit for a while. Then I skewered the chicken with the BBQ sticks or speared wooden sticks when I was ready to grill it. While grilling glaze the chicken with the sauce mixture.

Serve it sizzling hot and you wont go wrong. A taste of Japanese cuisine was prepared on "ourmeza" for one appetizing meal.