Thursday, October 18, 2007

Decorated Cookies

Our unico hijo loves helping me out whether it is house chores or cooking or baking. When he sees me busy tidying up the place he'll start dusting the table even though I didnt ask him. When he sees me loading clothes in the washing machine he'll come running to help me out. And ofcourse he'll want to pour the laundry soap, softener and push the button to start it. But what he loves the most in helping me out is making the steamed white cake or "puto" and baking cookies or cupcakes. He likes stirring,mixing and tasting the batter. Asked him not to eat the batter but when I turned my back I know that he did it anyway. I could tell that he did it by the left over batter on the corner of his mouth. It is cute and funny how he was trying to hide it and acting so innocent.
Anyway just the other day we made some cookies for him to take to his school. We made some oatmeal,sugar cookies in different shapes. We made cookies shaped like trees, hearts, flowers, stars and clovers. We then decorated it with vanilla and strawberry frosting and sprinkles chocolates and nonpareil, this is his most favorite part... decorating and frosting the cookies. Why? Well he'll taste the frostings and sprinkles first and I'll always ask him, "Why are you tasting it first, his response always were " I'm checking first if its good ". And after tasting it, he'll always say: " yes it would work" And this would happened all the time...hahaahha... another glory moments that passed by but as always, it stayed as treasures of my heart.

Here are the pictures of our cookie making....

So spending lots of time whether cleaning together, cooking and baking together, doing school project together, playing and so on... spending time with our kids specially at their young age will surely give us lots of fond memories to keep us smiling and laughing during our old days.
Memories such as this are true treasures of the lets keep building them.