Friday, June 15, 2007

Almond Flavor Agar Dessert with Fruit Cocktail

Almond Flavor Agar (Gelatin) Dessert with fruit cocktail is an example of easy to make dessert.

As I have mention in my earlier post eversince the hot weather started we are always craving for light meal only especial during dinner time and some refresing or cold dessert.
And so for our dinner tonight, on " our meza" we had some Red Snapper season with salt and pepper and then fried in EVOO. We had some cucumber salad also, cucumber and tomatoes salt and pepper to taste.
Then for dessert, I made this Almond flavor Agar (gelatin) Dessert with fruit cocktail. Actually I did'nt plan to make this today, but as I was arranging my pantry (its been in disarray since I've started working) and I saw that I have two bags of the Agar almond flavor, can of the fruitcocktail so why not make it as our dessert tonite since it is so easy to make. And so while I was cooking the Red Snapper fish, I went ahead and boiled the Agar in two cups of water, I've added some sugar for extra sweetness. To mold or to shape my gelatin I've used my bundt cake mold . And before my fish was done cooking, guess what the agar mixture is done but before pouring it into my mold, I've arranged the 1 can of fruit cocktail at the bottom of the mold already so that when I turn it over all the fruits will be on top and will serve as decoration also. I let it stand for few minutes in the fridge so I could serve it cold. Picture above is the finish product. It was our dessert tonite and we have some left over to enjoy for tomorrow. Easy, simple, full of flavor, lite and refreshing especially on a hot day, like today.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Easy Cooking (Lean Ground Pork with GreenPeas & Carrots)

Working? Either you have a family to feed or not and need something easy to cook after a busy,hard day from work? This Lean ground pork with Green Peas and Carrots is a definite winner. Why? Aside from it is so easy to make, the left over taste better the next day or the left over can be cooked again as a different dish. This is how versatile this dish is. Before anything, my husband and son loves this dish, especially my unico hijo. He loves the green peas and carrots so hey as long as he is eating vegetables I'll be cooking it. First need to buy lean ground pork a bit expensive than regular ground pork but less fat so its more healthy. Onion, garlic and potatoes all chopped using the food processor. Food processor is a life saver when you are in a rush. Anyway I used Pre-Shredded carrots and I use 1 small bag of green peas thawed already. Boil ground pork, just enough water to cook it. When cooked set aside. Saute garlic and onion. Add chopped potatoes and ground pork till brown. Add green peas,carrots, salt and pepper to taste. Serve hot with steamed rice or green salad. The next day you could make it as " Giniling na torta" here they call it Egg Fritta Torta can be baked or cooked in a pan.

Just beat eggs add left over ground pork with greenpeas and fry it in a pan with EVOO, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and voila one hearty breakfast. Hmmm ketchup and hot sauce would be perfect with it too. Try baking it and see if you'll Egg Fritta Torta version.

Still have some left over? Hmm cooked some farfalle pasta or bowtie pasta, or any of your favorite pasta. When done mixed in the lean ground pork dish some butter and parmasean cheese voila...instant take to work lunch...

So now you have easy meal to prepare after busy day at work, easy to prepare breakfast, and easy to prepare take to work lunch, versatile dish? Yes. And your loveones will feel really loved with all your hard work *wink.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Pancit Fresh Miki (seafood)

I have posted the other version of Pancit, the Pancit Bihon last time. This time I have prepared a Pancit Fresh Miki on " Our Meza" for our late lunch last weekend.

Ever since Spring started, we have been eating seafood most of the time. It is healthy,lite and my son loves fish. And so I have been frying fish in EVOO, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, broiling or grilling them or making sinigang(Fish in tamarind soup base).

I know you could still make lots of dishes out of seafood. But would like to make it out of our favorites. And Pancit is our old time favorite and so I've decided to make all Seafood Pancit Fresh Miki. We've had Pancit Bihon few weeks back and I think with seafood it is better if I use Fresh Miki. So went ahead with my mission. Went to the asian grocery store and found different version of fresh miki. There are very thick,thick,just right (which I bought) and thin version of Fresh Miki. Thick version of miki would be perfect for lomi which I'll do next time. Anyway for all seafood pancit miki I bought, 2 bags of the fresh miki, shrimp,scallops,fish balls, snow peas, tofu,carrots,cabbage and celery, garlic, onion, soysauce and pepper to taste. First, saute garlic and onion add all the seafood , tofu and I made sure that I've deveined the shrimp ofcourse. When done take out half and put aside the other half for decoration or presentation. Add water and soy sauce. Let it boil. While boiling I added my prewashed miki (I've washed in lukewarm water,not soak but just washed once). Then when the miki is almost done I added all the vegetable till it is half cooked. When done, I've added back the remaining seafood. And above picture was or were the finished product. Squeeze some lemon before serving and add lemon slices on the side for others who want to add more lemon taste. Simple, healthy and a very delicious meal. Verdict? My family loves it.