Friday, June 15, 2007

Almond Flavor Agar Dessert with Fruit Cocktail

Almond Flavor Agar (Gelatin) Dessert with fruit cocktail is an example of easy to make dessert.

As I have mention in my earlier post eversince the hot weather started we are always craving for light meal only especial during dinner time and some refresing or cold dessert.
And so for our dinner tonight, on " our meza" we had some Red Snapper season with salt and pepper and then fried in EVOO. We had some cucumber salad also, cucumber and tomatoes salt and pepper to taste.
Then for dessert, I made this Almond flavor Agar (gelatin) Dessert with fruit cocktail. Actually I did'nt plan to make this today, but as I was arranging my pantry (its been in disarray since I've started working) and I saw that I have two bags of the Agar almond flavor, can of the fruitcocktail so why not make it as our dessert tonite since it is so easy to make. And so while I was cooking the Red Snapper fish, I went ahead and boiled the Agar in two cups of water, I've added some sugar for extra sweetness. To mold or to shape my gelatin I've used my bundt cake mold . And before my fish was done cooking, guess what the agar mixture is done but before pouring it into my mold, I've arranged the 1 can of fruit cocktail at the bottom of the mold already so that when I turn it over all the fruits will be on top and will serve as decoration also. I let it stand for few minutes in the fridge so I could serve it cold. Picture above is the finish product. It was our dessert tonite and we have some left over to enjoy for tomorrow. Easy, simple, full of flavor, lite and refreshing especially on a hot day, like today.

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