Sunday, June 24, 2007

On Father's Day

Father's Day was celebrated in our son's school. All fathers were invited for a luncheon celebration . Our son insisted for his father to come and so like a good father he took two hours lunch from work on that day. He was treated for lunch with pizza,fruits and salad. And hand made gift from our son, key chain with a mini basketball and a handmade card with our son's very own handwritten signature (we are very proud that at a young age he could write his own name).
Father's Day came, my husband just would like to celebrate it at home with our son and I. And so my son and I gave him a father's day card and a polo shirt that matches our son's and mine. So we will be the three Ofcourse I have cooked his favorite spaghetti, baked some garlic bread and cooked some chicken afritada his new favorite.
Below are the pictures:

Spaghetti Garlic Bread Chicken Afritada

For my dad we sent him a father's day card and some scratcher and a penny for him to use to scratch the scratcher big spin. He loves scratcher and guess what he won a few bucks. He called us and got a big laugh about the card,the scratchers and the penny and most of all for winning some money.

Father's day was celebrated simply but full of laughter,love and peace.

So for my husband who is the best father there is for my son, deserve everything good in life. And for my dad who's been there and very supportive of us, we respect and love him dearly.

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