Thursday, September 6, 2007

Cheesy Chicken & Vegetables Casserole

My sporadic schedule with work is back again, it won't get hectic till end of September.
Anyway after dropping off my son in school, I started my day early in running errands and putting our humble abode in order. In the process of getting things done, I've found and I've arranged my recipe books and recipe clippings in order and I've put it, to its own drawer for easy access. Meanwhile I've found some good looking and easy to follow recipes that I wanted to make in the days ahead but for today, the chicken casserole caught my eye. Why? Well because I could change the ingredients according to availability of ingredients that I have and shhhh it is so easy to make. You just mixed all the ingredients together, cover and baked and voila one healthy and absolutely heartwarming dish.

I remember cooking it when I was still single, following the recipe from point one to the last. Now that I'm a bit wiser, hmm wiser because I'm older? lol , I know that I could change a recipe here and there and still have a very satisfying dish.
So I believe it has been over 6 years since I've cooked this dish. So I thought it would be nice to prepare it on our "meza" for my husband and son. It is healthy and it is one way of getting my son to eat lots of vegetables.

I know that we have some halves chicken breast in our freezer and some mixed vegetables. And it so happened we have plenty of mild shredded cheddar cheese, left over when I made some cheese pimiento spread ( will be posted next). So all this ingredients will be incorporated but need to have something to bind it all together. And its just perfect that we have some cream of chicken that I've been saving to make some chicken pot pie that I've never got to since I've started working. Since I am cooking for our dinner, chicken & vegetable casserole makes more sense that chicken pot pie. Chicken Pot Pie could wait till weekend .

To make this cheesy chicken and vegetalbe casserole:

Mix the mixed vegetables,cream of chicken, cup of water, orzo pasta and top it with the chicken halves thats been seasoned with pepper,salt and red pepper flakes. Cover it and bake for 45 minutes and sprinkle with mild cheddar cheese when done.

And so Chessy Chicken and Vegetalbes Casserole was prepared on our "meza" last nite for one healthy delicious meal.