Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Turkey Sandwhich with Artichokes and Sun Dried Tomatoes

Turkey Sandwhich with Artichokes and Sun Dried Tomatoes on Sweet Oat Wheat Baguette was our take to work lunch. Pictures taken while I was about to bag it as it was nicely plate on "ourmeza".

I had a busy week last week that I was unable to post anything. After the day going to work sick, my son and I were house bound because we were just two sick puppies... It was just yesterday that we were able to go back to our normal schedule. He's back to school and went to my important meeting that took longer that expected that my husband and son got home before I did. Sadly, my son and I had a relapse (coughing and some sniffles again) so as a very protective and nurturing father we were ordered to stay home today by my husband ..and said if better we could go back to school for my son and I could go back to do a few hours special project for work so need to be in the office supposedly today to get it done but I cant so hoping I could tomorrow if not I'll finish up the website I am making for our work from home. But I know I havent posted anything for a week now so I've just got to do it while my son is occupied.

Picture above is the the Turkey Sandwhich that I made for take to work lunch. My turkey sandwhich doesnt just have the regular tomatoes and lettuce but some marinated artichoke hearts and sun dried tomatoes. Got the idea when I had this absolutely unforgettable turkey sandwhich from work. After just one bite I knew I've got to know whats in I did some prying, discretely and quickly ofcourse. So below would be what I think the closest I could come up with in regards to the sandwhich I had from work.


Golden oven roasted turkey (your left over turkey from any celebration but just quickly pan fried it can be used as well)

Ciabbata bread would be absolutely perfect for this. But I happened to have Sweet oat wheat baguette and the combination is a whole another experience...just perfect. (plain bread can be used also)

Green leaf lettuce

Atichoke hearts marinated

Sun dried tomatoes in olive oil and spices

Mayo dijon

Provolone cheese ( we happened to have it but any of your favorite cheese would just be fine)

Hmmmm try it and you'll definitely say yummmylicious.... Seriously and if you have some sweet baby crunchy pickles on the side oh together just absolutely one delicious, appetizing and not to mention healthy lunch or even dinner. So Enjoy...