Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pancit Molo Soup and Pinsec Frito

Pancit Molo and Pinsec Frito
Homemade Pancit Molo soup with Homemade Pinsec Frito.

Feeling much better, decided to make some Pancit Molo soup and Pinsec Frito...thank you to the food processor made everything easy.. Only the wrapping and the cooking time that took sometime.. Normally you don't pair them together but wanted something crunchy and added some veggies too to the Pancit Molo.. My unico loves it.. He ate the molo and pinsec as toppings..and he said its his new favorite..

wonton wrapper
ground pork or ground chicken or ground beef
spring onion chopped
onion chopped
garlic chopped
carrots chopped
bokchoy sliced (optional)
chicken flakes (optional)
chicken broth
salt to taste or fish sauce
pepper (optional)

Pancit Molo Soup and Pinsec Frito
For Pinsec Frito: As appetizer or Toppings for the Pancit Molo Soup
same ingredients except the chicken broth, chicken flakes and botchoy, fish sauce.
mixed all ingredients then wrapped in the wonton wrapper
then Fry till golden brown, set aside. You could either use it as toppings for the Pancit molo soup or serve it  as appetizer with sweet and sour sauce

For Pancit Molo
Procedure: mixed all ingredients. wrapped in the wonton wrapper. 
Saute garlic  and onion. Add  water and chicken broth. When boiling add the noodles and your siomai. Season to taste. Add spring onion and bokchoy (optional), sliced or jullien carrots when almost done.
Serve hot and topped it with chicken flakes and the Pinsec for crunch.  Enjoy!