Monday, July 9, 2007

Ciabatta Bread and Sweet French Bread

Fresh and hot from my very own oven..Ciabatta Bread and Sweet French Bread.
Seriously these two gorgeous bread came from my very own oven from our kitchen...fresh,hot,crunchy and perfectly soft inside. Came out just perfect....what's my secret? hmmm should I or should I not? lol....
Instead of buying ready made bread, I've found the take and bake bread from our local grocery store .You could directly bake it in the rack of your very own oven for fifteen minutes and voila you have this perfectly hot and freshly baked bread that you could serve on your "meza" still hot or warm that would easily impress your family or any guess.
In my case, I have baked the sweet french bread for a quick breakfast since we are leaving to go out of town with my whole family, my parents,brother and my husband and unico hijo. The smell in early morning of a bread baking will warm anyone's heart. French bread, butter and hazelnut flavored coffee were just perfect for quick breakfast. Actually, I wanted to bake the french bread and dip it in our dipping oil Balsamic garlic. It is made of evoo, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic and other spices. But I end up serving it for breakfast and it worked just fine.
And with the freshly baked ciabatta bread I could make a golden oven roasted turkey sandwich with it. I have bought a pound of golden oven roasted turkey from our local deli and my freshly baked ciabatta bread would be just perfect for it. Made the turkey sandwich so we could take it as our baon when we travel out of town. Well they said my turkey sanchwich is better than deli bought sandwich. They are kind and well had it myself also and they were right hahaaha...maybe the combination of freshly baked bread, oh the the golden roasted turkey,crunchy green leafy lettuce,sprouts and combination of a little bit of light mayo and dijon mustard were just perfect. No picture taken again, because once again I forgot since I was in a rush to get everything time I'll take a picture and post it.
So freshly baked bread from your very own oven will impress anyone and just the smell of it baking will warm anyone's heart.
Excess: Dipping oil, specially the Garlic Balsamic is just perfect for warm and freshly baked sweet french bread or sweet and sour dough bread.