Sunday, September 9, 2007

Cheese Pimiento

My uncle just got home from his vacation from the Philippines and so when my parents came here for the three day weekend they brought lots of "pasalubong". We got plenty of different kind of snacks and some dried "pusit" which my husband and I already cooked and already ate. Hmmm it was so good that it was all gone in one serving lol. My husband and I ate it while dipping it in vinegar with "siling labuyo" and ofcourse some garlic-fried rice. Sadly, it is all gone and nothing left for next time. Oh well I have other aunt and uncle leaving for the Philippines for vacation next month so when they come back we'll have plenty of "pasalubong" again and dried "pusit" will definitely be on the list again. I know most of the stuff that we got can be bought here but for some reason when it is a "pasalubong" you eat it more with more "gusto". I'll take a picture of it next time but hoping that the picture will do justice to how good it taste.

Anyway, other "pasalubong" that my mom also brought us were lots of Eden Cheese. And since we have a lot, I decided to make some of it as cheese pimiento. I dont normally keep a stock of pimiento so I had to go to our local grocery store for it. Since I'm there, I went ahead and bought some French bread rolls and hazelnut cream for our coffee.

So for our breakfast today, prepared on our "meza", we had some french bread rolls with homemade cheese pimiento and to drink, my husband and I had some coffee with hazelnut cream and our unico hijo had some hot chocolate milk.

Another simple recipe to follow, just mixed all ingredients; grated cheese,pimiento and butter and voila homemade "Cheese Pimiento".