Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bulalo with Brussels Sprouts

Hot Steaming Brussels Sprouts
My unico loves brussels sprouts with the Nilagang Beef or Nilagang Pork, and so today when I made some bulalo I did not forget to add his favorite brussels sprouts and I added some sweet potatoes as well. Picture on the left is the Bulalo that I've just made and you could see that it is still steaming. I made sure that the vegetables are still half cooked so when we eat it, it will still have some crunch into it.

Normally bulalo will be too rich and and if you are watching your diet it is not for you or for us. But I made some changes here and there to make it as good. I boiled the meat and threw away the broth once or twice if theres still more fats floating around. Then instead of regular potatoes I added sweet potatoes and I added some brussel sprouts which contain lots of vitamins and some other healthy component thats good for us such as antioxidant, fiber and it fights cancer cells also and so on.  And so making this and serving this to my family wont make me feel guilty but better yet they'll be having heartwarming and healthy food. Below will be the recipe.  Enjoy!


Beef Bulalo, or Pork, you could use healthy cut of meat as well
napa cabbage
pechay or bokchoy
potatoes or sweet potatoes
corn on a cob
brussels sprouts optional
onion quartered
salt and pepper to taste

Boil meat till tender. ( When boiling the meat, boil for 30 min then throw away the water or the broth. Then boil till tender but if the meat has too many fats let it boil again and throw away the water or broth for the second time and then add water again then boil it till tender. Dont forget to scoop out the brown scams on the sides) Add corn. Then sweet potatoes. Add brussels sprouts then other green leafy vegetables. Cook vegetables half cook so that it will still be crunchy and fresh. Serve with hot steamed rice or you could eat it as is since it has corn and sweet potatoes already.  Enjoy!