Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Adobong Mani

Adobong Mani! Mani! Mani!
Yup, that is how adobong mani looks like just after I cooked it. It is fresh, hot, crunchy, no msg, less sodium, home made and absolutely full of flavor.
Just by the smell of it, you'll know what it is...adobong mani or peanut with roasted garlic.
It is mostly consume during "inuman" but dont get me wrong "inuman" not just about drinking beers but drinking ice cold soda also lol .
I could still remember as growing up I would ask my dad or mom to buy me some "pasalubong" or treat when they get home after work. I would normally ask for a lot of things but would settle for adobong mani everytime or anytime. And so sometimes hot adobong mani in one of those brown bag will be our "pasalubong" ( for my big brother and I) . Hmmm, I could just close my eyes now and I could still see, smell and taste how crunchy, hot and just simply delicious it is.
Anyway, one day while my brother and I were eating it, we decided to play a game. A game of magic. My brother would like to see if he could make the peanut disappear into one of my nostril. So he put one peanut and voila!!!!!! it didnt disappear and not just that, it got stuck. The more he tried to get it out on his own, the more it got stuck..hahaha it is funny now retelling the story but I was scared and crying then. He finally gave up and told my parents. My dad took it out with an eyebrow plucker (lol)..oh well those were the glory days.Yup, story of our early childhood mischiefs. Thank God, my nose stays true to its shape. Nose of a beautiful true filipina. LOL wink ( if you know what I mean) hahaha...hey my nose is cute, said my husband...hahaaha.
Well let see if adobong mani is good to our health;
Peanuts have some health benefits but ofcourse eating it in moderation. We all know that anything above normal is not good. Peanuts contain; protein and fiber, as well as vitamin E, folate, potassium, magnesium, and zinc.
And how about the garlic; aside from it is essential for keeping the vampires away, there are some information floating around how it could help or helping people with their cholesterol,blood pressure, diabetes, circulation and so on but who am I to say, All I know that it taste good and my husband loves eating it when I cooked it.
So another fresh "adobong mani" prepared on our "meza" for a snacks with some ice cold soda and heineken or corona for my hubby.