Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sweet Manila Mangoes

Are they gorgeous or what?

Found these Manila Mangoes or sometimes they call it here Champagne Mangoes from Mexico, either way these mangoes are just simply delectable, juicy, sweet, tangy, delicious and luscious hahaha...yes honestly they are. I was lucky, when I saw them I was like wow I've got to buy these. My son loves mango. He could eat two in one sitting and my husband as well. So I went ahead and bought it. And guess what 16-18 pieces ( 1 box) is just six bucks. So we have been enjoying magoes for a few days now and we have given some to my son's teacher and she enjoyed them too and said that they are really sweet.

Well aside from mangoes, ever since summer started we have different kind of fruits on our bistro table in our kitchen. To the right is the picture. We have watermelon, cantaloupe ( cantaloupe juice, a constant request from my son. He loves it especially that its been hot lately). We have some apples, banana, tangerine orange and we have some bloddy red orange too from Italy. I was in the grocery store one early morning and the gentleman from the produce dept. said they are sweet and its from Italy (actually I know about it already coz last time I was there the other guy told me about it and bought two but never got the chance of eating it. So I just bought two again ( a bit pricey) just to try and they are really bloddy red in the inside and taste just like orange. Oh and we have some Honeydew too behind the watermelon. So out of these fruits, I make some fruit salad. I diced,cube them and put them in the fridge and we eat it as our snacks or dessert after meal. Healthy, simple and refreshing especially during hot summer dayssssssssss.

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