Monday, June 11, 2007

Pancit Fresh Miki (seafood)

I have posted the other version of Pancit, the Pancit Bihon last time. This time I have prepared a Pancit Fresh Miki on " Our Meza" for our late lunch last weekend.

Ever since Spring started, we have been eating seafood most of the time. It is healthy,lite and my son loves fish. And so I have been frying fish in EVOO, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, broiling or grilling them or making sinigang(Fish in tamarind soup base).

I know you could still make lots of dishes out of seafood. But would like to make it out of our favorites. And Pancit is our old time favorite and so I've decided to make all Seafood Pancit Fresh Miki. We've had Pancit Bihon few weeks back and I think with seafood it is better if I use Fresh Miki. So went ahead with my mission. Went to the asian grocery store and found different version of fresh miki. There are very thick,thick,just right (which I bought) and thin version of Fresh Miki. Thick version of miki would be perfect for lomi which I'll do next time. Anyway for all seafood pancit miki I bought, 2 bags of the fresh miki, shrimp,scallops,fish balls, snow peas, tofu,carrots,cabbage and celery, garlic, onion, soysauce and pepper to taste. First, saute garlic and onion add all the seafood , tofu and I made sure that I've deveined the shrimp ofcourse. When done take out half and put aside the other half for decoration or presentation. Add water and soy sauce. Let it boil. While boiling I added my prewashed miki (I've washed in lukewarm water,not soak but just washed once). Then when the miki is almost done I added all the vegetable till it is half cooked. When done, I've added back the remaining seafood. And above picture was or were the finished product. Squeeze some lemon before serving and add lemon slices on the side for others who want to add more lemon taste. Simple, healthy and a very delicious meal. Verdict? My family loves it.

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