Thursday, January 3, 2008

Pork Afritada

Pork Afritada was prepared on "ourmeza" or on our table with some steamed rice,some side salad and some fruit salad.

Since last spring started, we have been very good in watching what we eat. We have been having fish,chicken,vegetables that have been grilled,baked,broiled and made into soup.

But now and then I'll cook some red meat so we would not crave for it to the point that we'll want to have it more than we should. So decided to make some Pork Afritada. The recipe for pork afritada is the same as the Chicken Afritada that I have previously posted. It is cooked in a bunch of fresh tomatoes and aswete. Since my family loves the tomato base sauce from the Chicken afritada and I have lots of tomatoes in our fridge that I needed to use soon or else it will be thrown away in a few days so better put it in a good used and use it for afritada dish.

We all love afritadas but my son loves the sauce from this afritada dish the most. It could be Afritada fish, chicken or pork or beef and the sauce which is made of tomatoes and aswete can be a dish by it self.

Anyway back to my son, most of the time from out of nowhere while we are or were having our meal, if he really likes what I've prepared on "ourmeza" or on our table He'll say," Mommy you are a good cook,I love you and I cant believe this is so good, more sauce please". Hahaha...yup thats the way to butter up any mom to buy you new kidding.

Kidding aside it really warms my heart everytime I see my husband and son enjoying the food that I've prepared for them. Especially when they ask for seconds or even when they take it to work or school and when they get home they still asked for it. No wonder with their appreciation of my cooking, it makes me enjoy and love it more when I cook for them. If I love to cook then, now it put a more meaning to it now that I have a family of my own or my whole family and friends who enjoys my cooking so much.

Too much stories behind the cooking of this dish...then to rumble on and on and I beg your pardon for it...

Anyway heres the recipe for Pork Afritada, exactly the same as chicken. Afritada can be fish, chicken, pork or beef. And as I've mention I have been cooking fish,chicken and I've posted them too. This time would be the pork version.


Pork cut into cube bigger than the menudo meat 2x bigger

tomatoessss plenty of them about 5 to 6 pieces seeded and diced

garlic minced

onions diced

aswete (powder version can be bought now in any asian store, dissolved in lukewarm water)

bell pepper quartered or sliced if prefered

potatoes quartered

bay leaf (1 only)

soy sauce 1 laddle only

Salt and pepper to taste if needed

Brown pork and potatoes. Set aside.
Saute garlic,onion and tomatoes. Add pork, soy sauce,aswete mixture let it simmer. When almost done add the bell pepper, bay leaf and potato. Salt to taste if still needed. When done serve hot with steamed rice and side salad.

Easy to cook even a day after work. Simple dish but full of flavor.

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