Monday, December 31, 2007

Cinnamon Streusel Muffin

Cinnamon Streusel Muffin on "ourmeza" fresh, hot and moist straight from our oven.

My son is in his holiday break from school. So we have been trying to keep him busy. My husband and I allow him to watch television or play his video games for few minutes a day only. We prefer him riding his bike, playing his car or playing soccer with his dad outside. And some other times he loves helping me out with the house chores even without being asked.

I didnt plan to do anymore baking since we've done a bunch day before christmas but when my son went to our pantry to get his snacks, he saw that we still have some of the muffin mix and requested for us to make it. And as his doting mother we did. Well like I said from few of my previous post, he likes helping me because he likes tasting the batter and the icing for the muffin or cookies.

This muffin is so easy to make because it would be semi-homemade, We've had it before and my husband and son both like it. It is one way of putting your oven in a good use lol. And baking this muffin will fill your home with warmth and the smell of cinnamon. So who would not agree to making it.

What is needed?

Box of Betty Crocker, Cinnamon Streusel (cinnabon)


vegetable oil

(12 muffin baking tray, paper baking cups)

Procedure: Simply follow intructions from the box and in just 20 minutes or so you would have a a dozen of hot, moist and fresh cinnamon streusel muffin. And not to forget it will fill your house with the smell of cinnamon.

Easy to do or easy to make. Making it with your kids is a great for passing time during school break. And you are not just passing time but building memories that could last after a lifetime.
Happy Baking! And thank God to the cake, cake mix in a box....

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