Thursday, December 27, 2007

Fillet of Tilapia,Pancetta Fried Rice and Bread Pudding

When I went to our local grocery store to buy some or few items for our "noche buena", I happened to see the seafood section being stocked. And the prices for the fillet of salmon and fillet of tilapia are fairly reasonable so I bought some salmon and some tilapia. Prices were down perhaps because everyone are buying turkey,ham and beef. But I am thinking far ahead not just for the "noche buena" or christmas day food but our food before the "media noche" and New Year's Day.

And since its a given that there would be some of left over from noche buena, I would not want to feed my family the whole week with the left over. And so in between decided to bring back the fish factor in our diet. And since there are some bread that are about to go stale so why not make it as bread pudding and still enjoy it in few days ahead. And with the Pancetta that I wasnt able to use, I was going to make some quiche with it but from baking cookies and cassava cake, making quiche would be great for another day. I'll post the christmas cookies that my son and I made, and the cassava cake that I made are just simply time.

Anyway so I've decided to use pancetta in a fried rice instead. And so last nite for our dinner we had on "ourmeza" some Fillet of Tilpia dusted with tempura, Pancetta Fried Rice, surprise favorite of my husband "lumpiang gulay" (posted already) and Some Bread Pudding for dessert.

Fillet of Tilapia Dusted with Tempura

Fillet of Tilapia





olive oil

Procedure: Salt and Pepper both sides of the fillet of tilapia and just before frying it dust it with the tempura powder. Fry till golden brown and lemon wedges on the side to squeeze if desired before eating.

Pancetta Fried Rice

Crumbled Cooked Rice



Olive oil


Green Peas

green onions

eggs cooked scrambbled

Pancetta browned and crumbled

Salt and pepper to taste if needed (optional)


Saute garlice and onion. Add crumbled cooked rice,stir fry for few minutes then add the cooked scrambbled eggs, pancetta browned and crumbled. Lastly add your carrots,green peas and green onions. If needed add salt and pepper.

Bread Pudding

I have been making this bread pudding since I was in my teens. It is my family's favorite. You could add banana or nuts if you want.

Bread crumbbled

Cinnamon (optional) but I simply love cinnamon in my bread pudding





(banana,nuts and etc can be added if preferred)

condensed milk

Procedure: Mixed all ingredients and baked for 45 min or till brown or when you stick a toothpick in the center and when pulled out it is clean, then ur pudding is cooked.

Three simple recipe that would make your family feel special. The Bread Pudding can be served as dessert during simple get together as well.

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