Friday, December 28, 2007

Chicken Adobo with a Twist

Chicken Adobo with a Twist was prepared on "ourmeza" for our lunch today with some steamed rice and side salad with asian sesame dressing.

Once again, I was chit chatting with my cousin when she mentioned that she would try the Picadillo and the Pad Thai from my previous post. Told her it is so easy to make and she could also make some changes with the ingredients according to the taste of her family.

Then we've talked about my "Pininyahang manok" post being that it is one of the number one clicked on, on my "ourmeza" foodblog. I've mention to her too that I'll be posting the Chicken Adobo with a Twist. When I told her what it is, she said it would be great because it is easier to make than "Pininyahang manok" but it taste as delicious and the sauce is just simply tasty. She had mentioned too that her kids love it. So I told her about my recipe for it and she told me her recipe for it and at the end I've incorporated both and the Seriously it is good and that my husband took it to work for his lunch and still asked for it when he came home. Thats how good it is and not to forget our most picky "unico hijo" enjoyed it very much as well.

Too much introduction already, what is the twist??? Well lots of people know this already but to some who dont, the twist is the pineapple....that simple but it makes a lot of difference. Some people actually call it Pininyahang Manok but the version of Pininyahang manok I grew up with is the one that I've posted, the one with the milk. So some knows this recipe as Pininyahang Manok, Chicken Adobo with Pineapple, now lets call it Chicken Adobo with a Twist....

Below would be the recipe or the ingredients and procedure hahaha as if it is so hard. Anyway we all know that adobo is such an easy dish to prepare so this would be too.


Chicken cut into desired size


onion (others dont put this, I do)

tomatoes (others dont put this, I do)

pineapple chunks

soy sauce

ground black pepper

bay leaves (two)

vinegar (others dont put this anymore, they only use the juice from the pineapple chunks,my cousin dont use vinegar in her recipe but I do)


Brown chicken, all sides and set aside.

Saute garlic,onion,tomatoes. Put back the browned chicken. Add the pineapple juice,vinegar,soy sauce,bay leaves,ground black pepper and half of the pineapple chunks. Dont stir until it simmer. Let it cook. When almost done add the rest of the pineapple chunks.

It is so easy to do. Just like making adobo. If you want mixed all ingredients except the pineapple chunks. Let it cook but before it is done add the pineapple chunks, simmer some more and serve it hot with steamed rice and some side salad.

Extra Extra Extra:

When my dad was here to accompany us, when my husband was out of the country. We, my dad,son and I went to the Farmers market. There, we've found different kinds of fruits,vegetables,flowers,pastries and different kind of ethnic cuisine. We bought some flowers,vegetables and fruits. But my dad found some fresh peanuts. He said it would be perfect for "nilang mani". Just thought this is the best time to post it. It would be a great snacks with family while reminiscing or watching a movie...

Nilagang Mani!

So easy to make, wash peanuts. Then put it in a pot covered with water and salt it ofcourse.
Let it boil for 30min or so depending how much you are making.
Try one to see if it is cooked and add more salt if needed.
Easy snacks for everyone to enjoy.

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