Thursday, December 20, 2007

Pancit Palabok

Pancit Palabok was prepared on "ourmeza" for our small get together few weeks back.

Pancit Bihon, Pancit Canton, Pancit Sotanghon,Pancit Malabon and Pancit Palabok or luglug are mostly consume or found during filipino parties or potluck and one of the said Pancit would definitely be on "ourmeza" these holidays. Among the different kinds of Pancit, Pancit palabok is the easiest for me to do or maybe because it is my favorite kind of Pancit and modesty aside, I could really make a decent Pancit Palabok. I have been making or cooking it for quite sometime now. But I've got to admit at first there were some misses but through out the years of making it, I believe, I've got it, thats what they say anyway. Who knows lol... I guess to taste is to believe..hahaha.

Anyway ever since as a little girl, I love eating Pancit Palabok. It was one of the constant "Pasalubong" for my brother and I when we were growing up by our parents. Back then the noodles would be like the Pancit Bihin top with shrimp sauce,tinapa flakes, shrimp,eggs and some calamansi. And not to forget some hot pandesal would be the ever loyal partner of that Pancit Palabok "pasalubong". We would all then eat it with much "gusto" while it was steaming hot. And throughout High School, my friends and I would have it as our merienda or lunch in one of the small canteen stall by our school. But the most unforgettable Pancit Palabok I've ever tasted was when my friend's mom made it. It is different and the yummiest palabok I've ever tasted. Why? Well, I've found out that she have used some crab fats or alige ng talangka for the sauce and it really made a difference. But now, as we have learned about cholesterol and all...crab fats would be a big no. So I have learned a different version of cooking Pancit Palabok. I have learned it from my Auntie who knows also lots of authentic Filipino cuisine. Well, actually her specialty I believe is Pancit Malabon. Oh her Pancit Malabon is absolutely delectable, she knows tons more of authentic filipino dish but her Pancit Malabon and Morcon are my favorites.

Anyway to make Pancit Palabok ingredients needed are:

Rice Noodle for pancit palabok or pancit luglug

Shrimp Sauce

Shrimp deveined

Diced Tofu

Crushed Chicharron

Crushed fried garlic

Minced onion and garlic.

Tinapa Flakes

Sliced Hard Boiled Eggs

Green Onion.


Soak noodles to luke warm water for about 20 to 30 min.

Saute garlic and onions. Add the diced tofu and browned it. When browned add shrimp until pink and do not overcooked it or it will be rubbery. Set aside half, sprinkle it with some tinapa,little bit of green onions.

In the remaining half (shrimp and tofu mixture) add your shrimp sauce and water enough to cook your noodles. Let it boil, then add your noodles when almost done add some of the tinapa,crushed garlic and chicharron. Mixed it well when done plate it and topped it with left over tinapa,crushed chicharron and garlic,green onions, the shrimp and tofu mixture and lastly garnish it with sliced hardboiled eggs and some sliced lemon or much better if you have some calamansi. Serve it hot with some hot pandesal or some dinner rolls are just fine.

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