Friday, November 9, 2007

Ginisang Chayote with Sotanghon

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Magka-ulam or Paired Filipino Dish/Dishes...

Ginisang gulay at Pritong Isda!
( Sauted Chayote and Crunchy Fish)

Magka - ulam...Ginisang Chayote with Sotanghon or Ginisang Sayote was prepared on "ourmeza" for dinner together with some fried crunchy fish and steamed rice.

Once again got the idea in cooking this dish from my mom. We were talking and I asked what they were having for dinner she said "ginisang chayote" and some fried fish. So I was like hmmm that sounds so good and it actually made me crave for it. I havent tried cooking this dish so I asked my mom for the recipe of ginisang chayote. I know that it is a given that you will saute garlic, onion and tomatoes butI wanted to know what else to put or is there anything else to make it really tasty. I know that I've had it before but never really got the chance of cooking it. And its been so long that I dont remember how it taste anymore. I think if I am not right "ginisang chayote" is one of the authentic filipino dish, dont you think or maybe not?
Well, anyway been trying and preparing authentic filipino cuisine lately, so thats what I have been cooking or preparing for my family. Dont get me wrong not everyday but most days of the week. So when my mom mention it, I know right then that I am going to make it.

So the very next day, after working, I went ahead and went to the asian store so I could buy all the ingredients and so that we could have ginisang chayote for our dinner.

Ingredients are the following:

Chayote about 4 pieces ( peeled,cored or white big seed in the middle taken out). Then slice the chayote diagonally.
Shrimp 1/2 to 1 lb. (shell taken out and deveined)

ground pork 1/4 pound.

garlic 4 minced

onion 1

tomatoes 2

sotanghon ( 1-2 small bundle) soaked

patis to taste or salt.


Boil ground pork till cooked. Then set aside. In same pan saute garlic,onion and tomatoes. Put back the cooked ground pork and brown it. Then add ur shrimp till it is half cooked then add ur Chayote. Add water enough to cover the chayote and add 1 ladle of patis. Let it simmer when almost done add the sotanghon. Simmer for a few minutes till the sotanghon is done. You could tell that the sotanghon noodles are done when they are shiny. Serve hot with some steamed rice and some crunchy fish.

Verdict for this dish? Just perfect...the sauted vegetables and crunchy fish are just perfect or the perfect combination. And the taste? Hmmm sarap talaga....try this recipe and you'll want to have it again sometime soon.

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