Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Sinigang Sa Miso

Sinigang Salmon Steak with Miso

My husband and I eat few kind of fish only. And we are lucky that my son did not get that because he loves fish. You could count the fingers in your one hand and still not count them all with the only kind of fish that we like to eat, not proud of it but it is the truth. So as the Chef of La Casa Castillo , I try really hard to cook a really good fish dish so it would be a constant favorite in our household. And my Sinigang Salmon Steak with Miso is the number one favorite fish dish prepared on our "Meza". It is good especially when you just cooked it and it is steaming hot and you partner it with some steam rice. It is loaded with some green leafy vegetable,raddish,string beans or green beans plus your miso and not to forget your fish so this is really one healthy dish. You could prepare this on a regular day or prepare it when you have a special occasion goin' on in your home and you wont go wrong. Ok enough with the introduction
Here is the picture of the salmon fish as I just finished cooking it. You could substitute any meaty fish example Milk fish, cat fish, stripe bass etc.

Salmon Steak or any meaty fish
Mustard greens
String Beans or Green Beans
Aneheim Pepper
1 tomato
3 to 5 pieces of garlic.
Shiro Miso No MSG Added (You could use this kind of miso, the frozen filipino miso tend to give a very strong flavor and smell that some people find it too strong and with the Shiro miso you could taste the individual flavor of the ingredients so it is up to you)
Knorr Sinigang Mix (Half of the Package)
Little Salt or no salt at all is ok because this is a very tasty dish already.
Saute garlic,onion, tomato and add the miso. Let it stand for couple of minutes then 2 cups of water at first and you could add more when needed. Let it boil, then add the Aneheim Pepper when its green color paled add your fish,raddish. Let it simmer and when it is almost done add your green beans. Taste it add salt or water if needed and just befor you turn it off add your green mustard leaves.
Serve it hot with your steam rice and believe me you will like it. Easy recipe of Sinigang Salmon Steak with Miso or Salmon with Miso in Tamarind soup base. ( my version of sinigang sa miso Recipe)


Nikki said...

Good idea, I'll try this kind of miso if I could find it. Love all the dishes in your blog.

Sinigang said...


Your Sinigang looks really delicious!

I'm collecting a list of the best sinigang recipes in my blog, and I included your sinigang recipe (just a link though, hope you don't mind). You can see it at

Keep in touch!

Tanya Regala