Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The "Pamana" Chicken /Pork Adobo

Chicken/Pork Abodo is one filipino dish that taste better the next day. It is easy to prepare so after a busy day at work and I need to prepare something fast for my family, Chicken Adobo is the way to go. Also I make sure that I have some greed salad on the side and the ever loyal steam rice. For our dessert , it could be any seasonal fruits, like right now we have some sweet "manila" mangoes.

Chicken Adobo is not prepared on a regular day or busy day only but you could prepare it too when you have some friends coming over or even bring it when you have a pot luck at work. Most of the time if not often, it is the all the time request from my old job. When the sign up sheet is going around, they will ask me "Are you going to bring Chicken Adobo?" Ofcourse I will say yes, aside from it is easy to make, I know also that it is one of the dish in our pot luck that will be gone right away. It always warm my heart to know that they like my cooking.
There are different ways how to cook it but the ingredients will always stay the same.
Here is the picture just after I cooked it and below is the recipe.
Chicken (skinless) or pork (cut into desired size)
Soy Sauce
2 Bay Leaves
Olive Oil
2 siling labuyo or sprinkle it with a pinch of red pepper flakes
*you could add sugar if desired, it will make a difference if you do.
You could either saute the garlic so your adobo will have like a roasted garlic taste or combine all ingredients except the bay leaves in your cooking pot let it simmer and when almost done add the bay leaves. And when done serve with steam rice,green salad or fresh chopped tomatoes on the side.

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Hubport said...

Well Done!!! The picture of you chicken adobo is really appetizing. I think I'm gonna eat Pork Adobo this lunch.