Friday, May 4, 2007

Pork Sinigang or Sinigang na Baboy

Sinigang na Baboy or Pork in tamarind soup base

Winter is over but lately its been cold out here in the west and the weather keeps changing, hmm "inconvenient truth"? you've got to watch it. So I have been cooking "ulam" or a dish with soup to keep us warm. For today I thought sinigang would be great with "inihaw" or grilled fish (tilapia). "Sinigang, a tamarind soup base with lots of different vegetables could have fish,pork,beef or chicken well if chicken you call it "sinampalukang" manok or tamarind chicken soup. I'll post different version of sinigang and lets see if it is going to be a succes with my avid customer, my husband and my son. They like actually we like "Sinigang" Salmon Steak with Miso, pork and beef. Havent tried cooking "sinampalukang manok" since I got married. I've cooked it quite a few times when I was single and it was a hit with my parents and brother. And sometimes when it was our "ulam" and our relatives were there, sometimes they drop by after work to make " kwento" we will invite them to join us and while eating my "sinampalukang" manok they will say" hmm parang nasa philippines tayo ah, sarap" hmm eating this feels like we're back home. So lets see if it would be a success with hubby and unico hijo, so watch out for it next time. For today "sinigang" pork version is what we will have on "our meza".

Sinigang "Pork" (Pork with tamarind soup base)

1 1/2 lb Pork cut to desired size (or get the pork stew so you dont need to cut and wash it)
1 onion sliced
2 tomatoes sliced
4 cloves of garlic chopped
string beans or green beans
spinach or mustard greens
eggplant cut diagonal
raddish cut diagonal
okra (optional)
gabi or taro (optional) skinned it and cut in halfanaheim pepper or could use 2 smashed siling labuyo
1 tamarind knorr soup base
salt if needed (normally not)

Saute garlic,onion and tomatoes. Add your pork let it simmer then add your water, water that is just enough to cover your pork and you've got to check it now and then to see if theres more water so it wont burn. If still not tender add more water, normally takes 45 min. to 1 hr. When tender add your anheim pepper or siling labuyo and your sinigang mix or tamarind mix. Let it simmer until pork is done. Add more water to make more soup if you want. When almost done add first your gabi and wait until it is almost done if none, add all your vegetable except your spinach or mustard greens. Do not over cook vegetable,taste if salt is needed add a pinch or 2. When done add your greens,stir and cover it. Serve it with steam rice and fried or grilled fish.

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