Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Looking for something healthy to eat? This vegetable dish is healthy as it can be. It is loaded with vitamins and nutrients. Pinakbet or bulanglang is a filipino vegetable dish that is always pair with a grilled fish or fried fish. Fresh vegetables are always the key ingredients for this dish. You could prepare this once a week aside from your other vegetable and fruits intake and you will feel rejuvenated.

Shrimps deveined
String beans or green beans
Eggplant, Bitter melon or if too strong for you, bitter melon leaves can be used. My husband does not like bitter melon so I use bitter melon leaves and he enjoys it. I don't put salted shrimp also or "alamang" but I have it on the side on "our mesa" just in case someone wants it.

Cut vegetable according to your desire size. Saute garlic,onion and tomato. Then add your shrimp and when almost done add all your vegetables and add water to boil. Sprinkle it with salt to taste and do not over cooked your vegetable. Serve it with steam rice and grilled fish or fried fish and you'll have one healthy meal.

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