Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ginisang Upo with sotanghon or sautéed bottle gourd with vermicelli noodles

Here's another easy to cook "ginisang gulay" or sauté vegetables  recipe.. Ginisang Upo with sotanghon or sauté bottle gourd with vermicelli noodle. It is easy to cook, delicious and  good source of dietary fibers.  When I cook this dish I always pair it with some fried fish or grilled fish plus some steamed brown or white rice..
Last nite my Mother came home with a long and freshly picked bottle gourd from her friend . It is long and even looks like a baseball bat. I was so surprise to see such a long bottle gourd.. Too bad I already cut it up when it dawned on me that I should have taken a picture of it. Below is the picture after I cooked it ...
"Ginisang Upo" or Saute' Bottle Gourd

Evoo or canola oil
Onion, garlic and tomatoes chopped
Ground pork or
Cube pork
Shrimp deveined
Upo sliced thinly and seeded
Vermicelli noodles soak n dried.


Boil meat till tender then put aside. Sauté onion, then garlic then tomatoes in EVOO or Canola oil. Add meat ..sauté till brown then add shrimp till pink. Add the sliced Upo or bottle gourd. Add enough water to cover the vegetables .. Let it simmer.. When almost done add the vermicelli noodles.. Simmer season with salt to taste. Ground black pepper optional ..  Pair it with some grilled or fried meaty fish n steamed rice .. Enjoy!!!

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