Friday, October 25, 2013

Ilocanos Longgonisa and Garlic Fried Rice

For today's breakfast, on "ourmeza" or table, I prepared some Ilocanos Longgonisa and Garlic Fried Rice with some sliced cucumber and sliced tomatoes.
I know how to make tocinos and sweet and hot skinless longgonisa but not the Ilocanos Longgonisa. but I intend to learn how to make it, I just haven't found the recipe that I could try and tweak around.

When I went to the asian grocery story yesterday, I found some newly stocked Ilocanos Longgonisa that my husband and I enjoy and so I bought some to cook today.

This morning I prepared the everyday breakfast for my unico that he likes before going to school and for my husband and I, I made some fried rice made from the left over rice last nite. How it is made…its Crumbled rice lightly fried in evoo with garlic and a dash of salt. And the Ilocanos longgonisa, I boiled it till tender and fried till golden brown.  I then serve the Ilocanos longgonisa and Garlic Fried Rice with  some sliced cucumber and sliced tomatoes seasoned with a dash of ground black pepper optional.

Below is the picture of our breakfast today.

Ilocanos Longgonisa and Garlic Fried Rice
with Cucumber and tomatoes

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Anonymous said...

I love Ilocanos longanisa!