Sunday, September 1, 2013

Our Steak and Pasta Dinner
RibEye Steak and Pasta with Artichoke and Roasted Tomatoes

For 2013 Labor Day- 3 day Holiday we decided to stay home and skipped the hustle and bustle of the holiday travel. Instead we did our general clean up of the house for the first day, then today we did some shopping and even went to a Filipino Adobo Festival. We were able to do our a mile or more walk also. 

For our dinner we had some grilled Rib Eye steak and Red wine courtesy of my brother. I then made some potato salad and pasta with artichoke and roasted tomatoes topped with shaved and grated parmesan cheese. 


For Steak:

Ribeye Steak or any preferred cut meat
olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

For Pasta:

choice of pasta..cooked al dente
olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

Grill steak according to preference...either  medium rare, medium well or well done

Cook pasta al dente 
saute artichoke in olive oil and mince garlic
roast tomatoes in oven...

Mix all ingredients . Serve the pasta dish while hot or warm  topped it with extra shaved or grated parmesan cheese 

Bon Appetit!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Everything looks delicious! Pls post more !

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading n trying your easy recipe.