Wednesday, May 9, 2007


My son requested for me to cook "sopas" or the chicken noodle soup last nite. Instead of using egg noodles, I use large shell pasta mixed with spaghetti pasta. He wants to bring it as his lunch for school so as his doting mother I did.
It is loaded with different kinds of vegetable so it is good for him but ofcourse as always he requested putting the vienna sausage his favorites. We try to limit giving him canned goods for health reason. But once in awhile we give in.
With this soup, I could use different kind of pasta or what ever pasta I have in my pantry. He prefers the large shell pasta and the spaghetti pasta mixed together, go figure. Taste ofcourse will be the same well I guess how it looks make a difference, hmm. Normally, I would use only one kind of pasta but the day I was going to make it I didnt have enough so I've mixed whatever I have in my pantry and for some reason the whole pot was gone just after 2 days, normally it last longer than that. Well, the three of us had it the next day as our lunch or "baon" for work and school maybe thats why. And so the next day my husband and my son were still looking for it as their lunch or "baon" for work or school, well we dont have it anymore so I said I'll make some again next time. Been two weeks since I'd made it last, so when my son requested it last nite I went ahead and make it and it could be their baon again.
Ingredients: Garlic
chicken (ground beef or pork)
Vienna sausage optional
carrots,cabbage,green beans and celery
(other vegetable can be added if wanted)
1 can evaporated milk
1 can of chicken stocks
pepper and salt to taste
Procedure: Brown your ground beef or if chicken saute it with garlic and onion. Add the stocks and water. When boiling add your pasta when tender add the evaporated milk. let it simmer and add all the vegetables ( do not over cook) and the vienna sausage. Serve hot.

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