Sunday, May 6, 2007

Fruit top Cheesecake

My husband loves dessert. Among his favorites are cheesecake, fruitsalad, rice cake or bibingka, turon or banana fritter and etc. Well, last sunday when we were reading the newspaper (my husband and I), my son ofcourse were going through it too. He loves looking at the pictures and loves spelling out the words that he sees in the ads magazines. Looking back, (please bare with me with this looking back thing) few weeks ago we surprised his Dad with a Chocolate cake. My son helped me make it. He did all the mixing and the tasting while mixing and the nonstop hmmm this is so good mom. And when we were done putting the chocolate icing ofcourse, he wanted to make some more. I asked him why he wants to make more cakes? His answer was, I want to bring it to school. I told him next time again because we dont have enough ingredients. So back to last weekend, while looking through the newspaper, he saw a picture of a cheesecake with fruits on top of it (phillycheese ads). He said Mommy, want to make this please mom. I said yes next weekend. And this is that weekend, so while my husband took him to have his hair cut at Supercuts yesterday, I went ahead and bought some groceries and got the ingredients for our fruit top cheesecake. Top picture is the finished product.


1 envelope of Non flavored gelatin
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup water
1 9 inch graham cracker crust ( you could buy the ready one from the grocery)
2 packages of cream sheese, softened.
fruits ( any seasonal fruits) I happened to see some great looking strawberries and some kiwi so I bought it. No pics of the kiwi, I used and we ate them already. These were the left over of the strawberries that I bought. There were some huge ones so those were the first ones that we ate.


Dissolve your gelatin in the water together with the sugar and let it boil while mixing.
With a mixer beat the cream cheese and slowly add the gelatin ( you could add crumbles of oreos cookies too). when done pour it to the prepared crust. Put it in the fridge until firm. Garnish it with berries and mint. Mine I garnish it with kiwi, fresh looking strawberries that I just bought and oh aside from that these strawberies looks so good it is so sweet too. So this fruit top cheesecake is actually very refreshing with all the fruits on the top.

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