Tuesday, May 15, 2007

On Mother's Day

Last friday, after work when I picked up my son, he came running to me with a big smile on his face and he looked very proud, I could tell from his twinkling eyes. He pulled me and gave me one big hug then presented his gift, a bracelet. He said "Mommy I made this for you, happy Mother's day" (got teary eyed ofcourse). He is getting so big too fast, I thought to myself. And then he gave me a kiss and a greeting card also that says I Love You Mommy, signed with his handwritten name. I taught him how to write his name. He just made me so happy, complete and I thank God that I am his mother. He always make my husband and I feel so blessed for having him. He is very bright, very smart and super "kulit" which he got from me according to his dad.
Anyway my husband's gift were, he took my son and I to visit my parents and brother in the bay area and we had our date there, we went and saw a movie together.
So after work last friday, we left for San Jose, the travel was not bad, lots of people were traveling and we enjoyed ourselves during travel time also. We laughed, listen to the music, told some stories, dreamed a little here and there and most of all it was fun because our son who is only 4 years old was actully entertaining us with his singing so how could it be not fun.
I Honestly I didnt know that we are going to San Jose after work. He mention going there but nothing was definite and so I didnt expect it. He is always like that, I dont need to ask him to take my son and I to see my family. And that is why my family are really thankful that he is that thoughtful and he is that sweet. My family enjoys his company and my husband enjoys theirs also so it is just great.
Since we were there for a short visit, a day only, we were unable to visit old friends or other relatives. And celebrating mothers day with my whole family (my husband,my son,mom,dad and brother) is one gift that I woud cherish forever and that is why I love my husband so. I would always thank him for always taking us to visit them even when I dont ask him to or even when there is no occasion he wound take us there. He would always say it is nothing but for me it means a lot. Seeing my family again fills my heart and my son loves seeing his grandparents and uncle and my other relatives.
We got there late friday, but still able to watch some family videos. On saturday, while my son was enjoying his time with his grandparents and uncle ( they were doting his every whims) my husband and I took a few hours for ourselves to watch a movie and for dinner we all went out to celebrate Mother's Day. My son picked the restaurant. He loves Romano's Macaroni Grill (an Italian Restaurant) and so we went there. It was during dessert time that I remembered that I should have taken the picture of what we've ordered so I could post it in my blog. Anyway, for anti pasti we all had Calamari Fritti and for dinner I had Pasta Milano, my husband had grilled salmon, my son had pizza, my brother had Chicken Scaloppine, my dad had grilled halibut and my mom had Chicken Portobello. For drinks, my brother and I had a Merlot, maybe we should have gotten a Pinot but the Merlot was just fine. For dessert, we only ordered one dessert, tiramisu we shared it but still didnt finished it as you see it in the picture.

We left the restaurant full and happy. When we got home my husband, dad and brother went ahead and watched the Golden boy and Pretty boy boxing in HBO repeat. Tried to watch it too but I am just too tired. My son stayed with his dad and watched it. I went to bed as well as my mom. Sunday morning we planned to leave early because I still need to work on my lesson plan for Monday, but end up having "Mothers day" celebration part two as we went out to eat for breakfast just after the drama courtesy of yours truly lol.
So now we are back home. I could honestly say, it is great being a mother to my son and a wife to my husband. I can't complain.
We live a simple life. I believe simple life equals lots of happiness. Living that way makes it easy for us to see all the blessings that are coming our way...dont you agree?

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