Saturday, May 19, 2007

Grilled Tilapia in Banana Leaves "Inihaw na Tilapia"

Grilled Tilapia in Banana Leaves or "Inihaw na Tilapia sa dahon ng saging" prepared on our "meza".

The weather been cold,hot and then too cold in early morning for the passed few days. But today, (Saturday) the weather is just perfect. It is sunny but not too hot that you could enjoy being outside in the backyard having some Barbeque and some ice cold drink. We had some Barbeque yesterday for dinner and today for lunch. Last nite we had some grilled Salmon with lemon,pepper and pinch of salt wrapped in aluminum foil and some grilled pork chops seasoned with just salt and pepper. For our sauce we had spicy vinegar with soy sauce and garlic, for salad - caesar salad, grilled corn or inihaw na mais and for our drinks we had some ice cold root beer and ice cold water. Sadly, I totally forgot to take some pictures but today I was able to take the picture of the grilled tilapia (not the Barbeque Chicken though) as my son reminded me to. He remembered that yesterday I was saying that I should have taken the picture of the Grilled Salmon and the Grilled Pork Chops for my blog. So today, he remembered but after the fact that we only have one barbeque chicken left, but the good thing is we still have the Grilled tilapia that we havent started eating because it took us a long time to cook it or maybe we got hungry with all the smell of the bbq that we didnt wait for it, we'll have it for dinner and dip it in lemon and little bit of soy sauce. For drinks we had some ice cold Cantalope Juice as you see in the picture. Like last nite, we had our lunch in our backyard and hang out a little longer with a music for background and it simply feels good to be just out there.

Orange Rose Color blooming in our
garden, as well as purple rose color below. Hmmm can you tell I am a novice when it comes to picture taking? lol sorry.

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