Saturday, March 29, 2008


I just finished cooking Menudo for our lunch the other day and as you can see in the picture it was steaming hot as I prepare it on "ourmeza" together with some steamed rice.

Hmmmm Yummmmyy you might say..definitely lol (no kidding)...

Just the fragrant of the steaming hot Menudo and the steaming hot rice is/are an encouragement enough for you to sit down and enjoy every bit of it.

As I have metioned before as much as possible we try to eat mostly fish,vegetables and chicken. But once or twice a week I'll cook some meat dish like sinigang,nilaga and so on.... And so this time I've decided to make some menudo which I havent cooked for probably over 3 -4 months because I have been trying to cook some authentic filipino vegetables dish that when I was younger or when I was in my teens didnt even pay any interest in trying them or eating them, like the ginisang ampalaya, laing, ginataang langka and the puso ng saging. But now as an adult,my family and I, really enjoy the taste and the health benefits of it . And just few days ago I made some puso ng saging dish and sadly unable to take pictures because I forgot to charge my camera and by the time it was charged the left over puso ng saging is not enough to take a good picture...well theres still next time so watch out for it.

Anyway back to Menudo, it was almost gone by the end of the day and the left over were just enough for snacks with some pandesal the next day.


pork cut into cubes



tomatoes (4 tomatoes, I dont use tomato sauce. as I've mention before I like using fresh tomatoes.) so tomato sauce can be used if prefered.



green peas

red bell pepper ( green bellpepper optional)

1 bay leaf

soy sauce

2 calamansi or two slices of lemon


salt and pepper to taste

raisins (optional)

Marinate the cube pork in soysauce and calamansi for 15 min. This part is optional and can be omitted as well as the calamansi but soysauce is needed still.

Saute garlic,onion and tomatoes. Then add the marinated pork together with its marinade and the aswete mixture and 1 bay leaf. (if not marinated add some soysauce)

Simmer and add the potatoes and carrots. When almost done add the green peas and the red bell pepper. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Raisins can be added if prefered. It will add a bit of sweetness thats very appetizing for this menudo. Serve hot with some steamed rice and some mangoes for dessert.


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