Saturday, January 12, 2008

Crinkled Herb Baked Potatoes

Crinkled Herb Baked Potatoes were prepared on "ourmeza" or table for snacks.

See the picture on the left? I was unable to fill it up so I could take pictures because my husband and son started munching on it the moment I took it out from our oven.

Last week we had three different storms. And so after work and school we were all cooped up at home till the weekend. But before the three different storms came I have planned ahead, I have rented some videos and bought some of our food supplies, extra drinking water, extra batteries and etc. so we will be prepared and ready for the storm that were coming. The rain came down really hard and the temperature were really freezing. Days have passed when the clouds slowly clearing and thats when we got a peak of the view of the mountain at our balcony. From there we saw snow on top of the mountain. If you are from the west a view like that is rarely seen. So when you see one you get excited especially when you used to live in the eastcoast like us, well mostly my husband. I moved there,got married and gave birth there as well. Our son and I were there a few years then we all moved at the other side of the map,here in the west when he was still a baby. So snow on the top of the mountain was pretty exciting and the air feels and smells crisp and clean as well..

Anyway back to the one of the snacks I made for us to eat while watching a movie at home was Crinkled Herb baked Potatoes. Easy to make and absolutely delicious.


Russet Potatoes

any of your favorite herbs
extra virgin olive oil

ranch dressing as a dip or any vegetable dip

Procedure:Sliced potatoes with the crinkled vegetable cutter. Place in a cooking sheet. Drizzle some EVOO, some herbs, and salt and pepper to taste. Baked till brown. Serve hot with some vegetable dip dressing.

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Anonymous said...

wow ... all of those looks enticing ... ops ... their goes my new years resolution ... well you have to GIVE ME A BREAK (kitkat?) i just need to drop down to a size 30 then maybe i could order from you ... nicely put blog ... take care ...