Monday, August 13, 2007

Eating Light ( Tofu with Sesame Dressing)

Just lightly brown tofu in EVOO with Sesame Dressing was prepared on our "meza" for a light meal together with some stir fried vegetable. A very easy Tofu Recipe.

As I've said in my earlier post, ever since spring started we have been eating light but dont get me wrong now and then we'll have some cravings for some pick me up comfort food that we like but it has been light eating for us lately.

Well aside from healthy reason, it seems like our body are just simply asking and craving for vegetables and fish. And we are just lucky that our unico hijo loves eating fish so we dont have any problem if it is prepared on our "meza" or table. It is funny because when my husband and I were kids, we both don't care much about fish and even as an adult we don't, its just now that we crave for it. I was even surprise that our son eats the "tuyo" or "dilis" that I cook on some Saturday morning or Sunday morning, actually he prefer the "dilis and will say "hmmm crunchy, I like it mommy". Surpring for us since we hardly touch it when we were kids but our son, he is just simply open for anything as long as it is fish.

Anyway, about tofu, before if we have tofu, I'll make some "tokwa't baboy" out of it but now I'll just lightly brown it with the EVOO or extra virgin olive oil and drizzle some light soysauce with sesame dressing and garnish with some green onions. How does it taste? Light, simple, filling, healthy and tasty.

How could it be tasty when tofu by it self is bland? Well tofu is very versatile, add anything to it ( noting that it will acquire the taste of what ever you put in it) and it will simply turn into a delicious appetizing healthy meal. I once said that my husband is a picky eater, he is really but like I said spring came and all of a sudden we both are confirmed vegetable,fish,tofu believer. He eats tofu as I just prepared it and he loves it. So I guess when you get older and if you havent been eating healthy your body will tell you what it needs and you'll know it as long as you are in tune with it...hahaha well in our case it is true. So another meal prepared on our "meza" or table, taste of asia.

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