Saturday, August 25, 2007

Chorizo and Egg Burrito For Breakfast

Chorizo and Egg Burrito for breakfast

Woke up early today and wanted to cook something different, thinking of something from south of the border so decided to make some chorizo and egg breakfast and maybe some steaming hot chocolate to go with it. Actually been planning to make some tamales, would be my first but got the sniffles and it so happened that when I went out to buy some milk earlier today, I saw some chorizo so that would do for now for my south of the border meal. I was out of the house little after 7 am, yup its weekend and I woke up so early. Got so many things on my mind I guess. So to start my day on a productive side, I went ahead and went out to buy some groceries.

While cooking the chorizo, my son woke up and right away went to the kitchen. He came up to me still rubbing his eyes and and put his arm up so I could carry him. So pulled him up to carry him and told him that he is getting so big and so heavy and mommy can't carry him anymore for a long time so that he could watch what I was cooking. I told him that I need to put him down and told him to go back to sleep and I'll call him when its done. But he wanted to stay with me in the kitchen, so we pulled up a chair so he could watch me. He smelled what I was cooking and said " Hmm mommy that smells so good, what is that?" Told him making some chorizo and egg and that he could help me wrap it up with tortilla when its done. "Is that breakfast?", he asked. I said yes, a taste from Mexico. He was like "what?" Told him that this food or recipe was/ is from south of the border,Mexico. He said, "Mexico, I have a classmate from Mexico and I like him. He speaks spanish sometimes, like Dora?" At first it didnt register with me, so I asked who is Dora? He was like, Mom you know Dora the explorer! I was like oh sorry "anak" mommy forgot. And he went on asking, "Mommy are you getting old now?" I was laughing out loud, and he said; "you are too loud, you'll wake up daddy". I was like oopss sorry. Yes, Mommy is getting old so soon you'll be cooking breakfast for mommy and daddy, he was like " I can't cook, I might get burn". So I said not now when you are bigger. And he was like " Yes, I'll take care of you and daddy. I'll drive you with my mustang too." Ohhh see how smart he is. LOL. Seriously thats how my day started, first with cooking the chorizo and egg for breakfast with ofcourse a very interesting chat with my four year old son.

Anyway for chorizo and egg breakfast burrito, just bought some chorizo and cooked it. Scrambled some eggs and wrapped it with the tortilla oh and ofcourse with a drizzle of hot tabasco. ( optional shredded cheese,mayo or sourcream)

Chorizo and egg breakfast burrito, a taste from Mexico for our breakfast today with some hot chocolate milk.

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