Saturday, May 26, 2007

Nilagang Baka (Beef with Brussels Sprouts and other green vegetables)

My husband was craving for "Nilagang Baka" and so when I went to buy our groceries I made sure that the beef short ribs is on the top of my list and the other ingredients needed to make the "nilagang baka".
I always try having a list of things to buy whenever I go to the grocery store and I always try sticking to it. If I dont have a list I'll definitely be tempted to buy some other extra stuff thats not really needed but hey sometimes can't help especially if I wanted to cook something different for my family...well once in awhile is better than all the time. So a grocery list is always good to have to see how much self control you have...hahaha goodluck to that.

Anyway found some goodlooking pechay or bokchoy,green beans,napa cabbage and brussels sprouts. Actually brussels sprouts are optional for nilagang baka but my husband and I just simply love brussels sprouts in our "nilagang baka" ( my son is still on the trial basis when it comes to brussels sprouts. He would taste just a leaf and will say maybe next time mom).

So to cook nilagang baka I use beef short ribs, potatoes or sweet potatoes,onion,2 cloves of garlic, salt and pepper to taste and all the vegetable above. I normally boil the short ribs night before then I would put it in the fridge and then, the next day I would scoop out all the frozen fats. If I dont have time to do it night before, I would boil it then throw away the first soup stock and then I would boil it again till it is tender with garlic,onion,bayleaf. When almost done I would add the potatoes salt and pepper to taste. Last, I would add all the vegetables and I would cook it half cooked. When done I always serve it on "our meza" steaming hot with hot steamed rice.

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